WhatsApp: How to Write in Italics, Bold, Strikethrough, and Underlined: Step-by-Step Guide

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This article presents a step-by-step guide on how to add emphasis to your messages using WhatsApp’s formatting options, including italics, bold, strikethrough, and underlined text. By utilizing these simple features, users can enrich their communication experience and better articulate their intended tone.

In addition to explaining the mechanics of each formatting option, this article shares tips on how to effectively use them in different situations, from emphasizing key points in serious discussions to adding a touch of humor and playfulness to everyday conversations. Ultimately, these features can help users make their messages stand out and convey their message more clearly and effectively on WhatsApp.

Want to really emphasize your passive-aggressive message? Use italics, because regular letters just don’t convey enough sass.


To add emphasis and style to your WhatsApp messages, formatting text in italics is a great solution with regards to the ”Italics’ section. The sub-sections, ‘How to format text in italics on WhatsApp’ and ‘Other ways to use italics for emphasis’ discuss the different methods to italicize your text and how to use it for added emphasis.

How to format text in italics on WhatsApp

Text formatting is highly crucial when communicating online. If you’re wondering how to put text in italics on WhatsApp, here’s what you need to know.

To format text in italics on WhatsApp, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open a chat or group conversation
  2. Type the word or phrase you want to format in italics between two underscores (_)
  3. Send your message and the text will appear in italics.

One of the amazing features of WhatsApp is that it supports rich text formatting. This means you can also bold or strike through text with added symbols and commands.

By utilizing these formatting features, users can easily communicate emphasis, sarcasm and jokingly tone without any worry about misinterpretation.

Did you know that WhatsApp has over 2 billion users around the world?

Take your writing to the next level with italics – because sometimes bold just isn’t enough.

Other ways to use italics for emphasis

Italics can be used in other ways to emphasize the text and highlight specific portions. Using italics in headers or subheaders draws a reader’s attention to those particular words. It can also be used to indicate a change in tone or voice, such as when quoting someone else’s words. Italics can also be used to show titles of books, movies, plays, and other works.

Additionally, in academic writing, authors use italics for citations and foreign words that are not commonly used. This use is specifically helpful for readers because they know that these words are different from the author’s own words.

It is also important to remember not to overuse italics because doing so can distract the reader or lose its emphasis altogether.

Incorporating italics into your work with strategic planning enhances readability and information retention, which ultimately leads to the overall success of your writing.

My love for bold fonts is as strong as the font itself.


To format text in bold on WhatsApp, use a simple trick. With just a few taps, you can make your messages stand out and get your point across. In this section on Bold, we’ll show you how to do just that. We’ll cover the basics of how to format text in bold on WhatsApp, as well as other ways you can use bold for emphasis.

How to format text in bold on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that allows users to connect with friends and family from all over the world. If you wish to make your text stand out or emphasize particular words or phrases on WhatsApp, you may want to use bold formatting.

To format text in bold on WhatsApp, follow these five steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and select the chat or group you wish to send a message.
  2. Type the text you want to format in bold surrounded by asterisks (*). For example, *Hello World*.
  3. After typing the message, tap and hold the portion of text between the asterisks.
  4. Select ‘Bold’ from the options provided (it should be listed alongside other formatting options like italic and strikethrough).
  5. Release your finger from the screen after selecting ‘Bold,’ and then send your message.
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Apart from this guide, it is important to note that WhatsApp also allows users to format their messages with italicized and strikethrough text using different symbols.

Finally, a few years ago my friend sent me a message on WhatsApp about how his boss found out he was applying for another job because he accidentally sent her a picture of his cover letter instead of his cats. The conversation quickly turned into an amusing story when he realized what he had done and ended up leaving his job anyways!

Bold can spice up your text like sriracha, but use it like ghost pepper and you’ll leave your readers with a scorched tongue.

Other ways to use bold for emphasis

Using Bold Text to Add Emphasis in Different Ways

Bold text is a great tool for emphasizing important content on a page. It can be used in multiple ways to make the content stand out and convey the message efficiently. Besides using bold to highlight headings, there are many other methods that one can use.

In addition to highlighting subheadings and keywords, bold text can also enhance lists and items with bullet points. Using bold on relevant phrases within lengthy paragraphs or compilations of information can catch the attention of readers, improve readability, and help retain essential data.

Another way to use bold is for providing instructions or directional cues. In user interface design, instructional sentences should be distinguished with use of positive bold followed by a colon sign. This creates clarity as the action item stands out from accompanying details.

Pro Tip – Avoid excessive usage of bold as it may lose its effectiveness when overused. Use it prudently to highlight only important parts of the text that you want readers to focus on.

Strikethrough: Because nothing says ‘I mean business’ like deleting something and leaving a line through it.


To format your text in strikethrough on WhatsApp with ease, follow these simple steps. You’ll also discover other ways to use strikethrough for emphasis as we explore this section in our WhatsApp formatting series.

How to format text in strikethrough on WhatsApp

Adding strikethrough text in WhatsApp is a straightforward and convenient way to express yourself. You may want to highlight an error or cancel out a sentence that may not apply anymore. Here’s how to format text with strikethrough on WhatsApp.

Follow these 3 steps to strike through text on WhatsApp:

  1. Open the WhatsApp chat where you want to send the message.
  2. Type the message as you would normally do, but place a tilde symbol (~) before and after the text you want to strike through.
  3. Send the message, and the text will appear crossed out.

It’s worth noting that this formatting feature is only available for messages sent from a smartphone keyboard and not for voice commands.

Using strikethrough text is an excellent way to emphasize your point or create a humorous effect. It can help bring attention to important information and clarify the tone of your messaging. Add some style and personality to your messages by incorporating strikethrough formatting today!

Don’t miss out on using this simple yet effective messaging tool – start striking through your texts today!

When strikethrough just isn’t enough, these creative alternatives will make your point clear (and maybe even scare your boss a little).

Other ways to use strikethrough for emphasis

To enhance emphasis in written communication, there are alternative approaches to utilizing strikethrough.

  • Stating a point explicitly: Strikethrough can help draw attention to an earlier statement by crossing it out and replacing it with an updated or relevant one.
  • Identifying mistakes or errors: By using strikethrough on incorrect or obsolete data, you can conveniently highlight revised information, making it easier to identify the correct details.
  • Showcasing different perspectives: You may use strikethrough to compare and contrast multiple perspectives on a topic while contrasting them with one another.
  • Summarizing text: It may also be beneficial to use strikethrough when condensed versions of lengthy material are required, allowing for more comprehensive analysis at a glance.
  • Note-taking: Strikethrough could also be used in personal notes to correct typos and amend mistakes without erasing anything that might be useful later on.

In digital communication, creative alternates abound for showing emphasis. Such versatility provides room for innovation and originality while keeping the ultimate goal of highlighting key elements intact.

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Once, a colleague shared how he used strikethrough during an intense team meeting. As we discussed project ideas back and forth over three hours, he noticed the conversation’s direction was not right. He then got everyone’s attention by pulling up the list of proposed ideas from earlier in the discussion and striking out phrases that didn’t fit our objectives anymore. This helped us refocus our discussions in a more pragmatic manner and improve overall productivity.

Underlined – because sometimes just bolding won’t suffice.


To format your WhatsApp messages with underlined text, simply follow these steps below. In addition, there are other ways to emphasize and use underlined text in your messages, which we will also explore. So, let’s get started and learn how to format text in underlined on WhatsApp as well as other creative ways to incorporate underlined text in your messages.

How to format text in underlined on WhatsApp

When writing a message on WhatsApp, it is possible to format your text in underlined to emphasize particular words or phrases. Here is a quick 5-step guide on How to Format Text in Underlined on Whatsapp.

1. Open WhatsApp and start typing your message.
2. Locate the word or phrase you want to underline.
3. Place an underscore symbol (_) before and after the word or phrase.
4. Review your text to make sure the underscore symbols are in the correct place before sending your message.
5. Tap send and marvel at your underlined text.

It’s important to note that this formatting option only works if both you and the recipient of your message have updated versions of WhatsApp.

When using underlining, it’s essential not to overdo it as excessive underlining can detract from the impact of a message. Instead, use it sparingly to draw attention to particular points that support your argument and add weight to what you’re saying.

In terms of its origin, underlining dates back many centuries when scribes would manually underline important texts. With modern technology, it is now much easier and quicker – but no less effective – for us all to achieve this formatting effect on messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Emphasizing your point has never been more visually striking than with underlined text – unless you’re a sledgehammer-wielding wrestler.

Other ways to use underlined for emphasis

Using underlined text is an effective way to emphasize keywords, phrases or sentences within written content. One can also use it to distinguish particular sections, headers, or subheaders from the rest of the textual content.

Additionally, incorporating underlines in website navigation menus is a popular way to direct the user’s attention towards important links. This formatting technique can help create a more intuitive and easy-to-use experience for landing pages.

Furthermore, when creating captions on images or graphs, underlining crucial points can increase their visibility and impact on the reader. It helps in drawing readers’ attention to specific details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Pro Tip: While using underlined text as an emphasis tool, it’s essential not to overuse this formatting feature; otherwise, it may lose its effectiveness and value in communication.

Bold, italic, underline – the ultimate power trio of formatting, like the rockstars of typography.

Combination of formatting

To combine formatting in WhatsApp with the title “WhatsApp: How to Write in Italics, Bold, Strikethrough, and Underlined: Step-by-Step Guide,” here are two sub-sections that will offer you solutions. First, we’ll discuss how to combine formatting in WhatsApp, so you can customize your messages to make them stand out. Then, we’ll give you some examples of using multiple formatting such as italics, bold, strikethrough, and underlined to add emphasis to your messages.

How to combine formatting in WhatsApp

Combining Text Formatting in WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to add various formatting styles to your messages for added emphasis and clarity. Here’s a simple guide on combining text formatting in WhatsApp.

1. Type out the message you want to send.
2. To emphasize a specific word or phrase, enclose it with *asterisks* for bold or _underscores_ for italics.
3. To strike through a word or phrase, enclose it with ~tildes~.
4. You can also combine all three formatting styles by mixing and matching them within the same sentence.

In addition to these features, WhatsApp also allows you to add bulleted lists, numbered lists, and quote blocks to your messages.

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To make a bulleted list:
– Start each item with an asterisk and a space (* Item 1)
– Press enter twice between each item

To make a numbered list:
– Start with the number 1 followed by a period and a space (1. Item 1)
– Press enter twice between each item

To create a quote block:
> Insert the symbol > at the beginning of each line followed by a space.
> No need to press enter as this will automatically create separate lines.

Don’t forget that when copying text from other apps or websites into WhatsApp, formatting might not be preserved accurately. Always double-check before sending!

Enhancing your messages through formatting can increase readability and help you better communicate your thoughts and ideas on WhatsApp. Give it a try!

Why settle for just one formatting option when you can have a colorful, bold, and underlined masterpiece that screams ‘Read Me!’?

Examples of using multiple formatting for emphasis

Using a combination of various formatting styles can aid in emphasizing important content in a professional write-up. Techniques such as bolding, italicizing, and underlining can be used to highlight particular words or phrases. Additionally, other formatting options such as changing font size and color may also be utilized depending on the desired effect.

Incorporating different formatting techniques provides readers with visual cues to navigate through the content and comprehend the key points easily. Careful consideration of the type of formatting chosen is essential to maintain the overall coherence and readability of the document.

Furthermore, combining different methods of emphasis can create an aesthetically balanced look that captures readers’ attention and maintains their interest throughout. This approach improves user engagement and can ultimately lead to better content retention.

Employing multiple formatting techniques provides writers with creative freedom for executing unique formats for individual documents hence avoiding monotony in write-ups while producing a clean and professional appearance.

Overall, it’s vital that the writer comprehends both their target audience and the designated subject matter when incorporating varied outlining styles. By paying extra attention to these subtleties simple changes to ordinary text may help make an impact in clear communication with your readership leading to favorable outcomes.

Wrap it up like a Christmas present with well-combined formatting, because nothing says ‘happy holidays’ like a perfectly structured article.


The guide above provides a simple yet effective way to format your text on WhatsApp. By following the steps outlined in the article, you can easily use italics, bold, strikethrough, and underlined text in your messages. These formatting options can be useful for highlighting important information, emphasizing certain words or phrases, or simply adding some visual interest to your messages.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that while these formatting options may not be available on all messaging platforms, they are widely supported across various devices and operating systems.

Pro Tip: Avoid overusing formatting options as they can make your message look cluttered and confusing. Use them sparingly and only when necessary to ensure that your message remains clear and easy to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I write in italics on WhatsApp?

To write in italics on WhatsApp, you need to put an underscore (_) on either side of the word or phrase you want to write in italics. For example, _italic_ will appear as italic on WhatsApp.

2. How do I write in bold on WhatsApp?

To write in bold on WhatsApp, you need to put an asterisk (*) on either side of the word or phrase you want to write in bold. For example, *bold* will appear as bold on WhatsApp.

3. How do I write in strikethrough on WhatsApp?

To write in strikethrough on WhatsApp, you need to put a tilde (~) on either side of the word or phrase you want to write in strikethrough. For example, ~strikethrough~ will appear as strikethrough on WhatsApp.

4. How do I write in underlined on WhatsApp?

To write in underlined on WhatsApp, you need to put an underscore (_) on either side of the word or phrase you want to write in underlined. For example, _underline_ will appear as underline on WhatsApp.

5. Can I combine multiple formatting styles on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can combine multiple formatting styles on WhatsApp. For example, _*bold and italic*_ will appear as bold and italic on WhatsApp.

6. Do all WhatsApp versions support text formatting?

Yes, all WhatsApp versions, including the web and mobile versions, support text formatting using italics, bold, strikethrough, and underlining.

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