How to Share a YouTube Link on Instagram Story

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How to Share a YouTube Link on Instagram Story

Sharing a link from YouTube on your Instagram Story can be a great way to promote your content or someone else’s. Here’s how you can do it in just a few simple steps:

  1. Open the YouTube video you want to share and copy the link.
  2. Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture to access your Instagram story.
  3. Tap on the “Link” icon at the top of your screen.
  4. Paste the copied YouTube link onto the space that appears for web links.
  5. Preview the Instagram story with your newly-embedded YouTube video by tapping “Preview.”
  6. Finally, post it on your profile!

By sharing videos in this way, followers will be able to click directly to watch, which may cause increased views and engagement on both platforms.

Additional information to keep in mind: It’s important to note that not all users may have access to this feature as Instagram continues testing it with selected accounts only.

Pro tip: To make sure that followers engage with your content further, try customizing text overlay or highlighting noteworthy portions of videos for Snapchat stories or Instagram stories alike! Get ready to cross ‘sharing a YouTube link on Instagram story’ off your list of life’s greatest struggles.

Steps to Share a YouTube Link on Instagram Story

To share a YouTube link on an Instagram story, you can follow these simple steps with the help of our guide. Access the YouTube link, copy it, open Instagram camera, paste the link in the story, and add your desired text and stickers to make it more interesting and engaging.

The first step towards sharing a YouTube link on Instagram Story is accessing the link. This can be done by locating the video on YouTube and copying its link address.

To do so, simply open the video in your web browser, click on the share button below the video, and select ‘copy link’. You can also copy the URL from the address bar.

Once you’ve copied the URL to your clipboard, head over to Instagram and start creating a new story. Here, you can select the ‘link‘ option from among various stickers or add-ons for adding external content to your story.

This will open up a pop-up window where you can paste the YouTube link you just copied. Once entered, hit ‘done’, and voila! Your Instagram followers can now view your favorite YouTube videos with ease.

If you’re an influencer or content creator looking to grow your audience, this trick is a great way to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel through cross-marketing techniques. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your viewers!

Copy, paste, and hope for the best – the three steps to sharing a YouTube link on your Instagram story.

To procure and share a YouTube link on your Instagram Story, you need to copy the link beforehand. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Launch the YouTube app.
  2. Open the video you want to share.
  3. Below the video player, tap on ‘Share’ > ‘Copy Link.’

After copying the link, move ahead to share it on your Instagram Story following further steps.

It is necessary to ensure that the link copied is correct and functional before proceeding. Sharing a broken link will deter people from viewing our shared content.

Pro Tip: Merely pasting the YouTube link might lead to an unattractive story. Hence, consider using third-party apps or programs that allow you to customize these stories uplifting its visual appeal.

Time to show off that double chin and questionable selfie skills on Instagram Story Camera.

Opening Instagram Story Camera

To begin sharing a YouTube link on an Instagram story, you must first access the Instagram Story Camera. This is where you can capture and create content for your story.

Here’s how to open the Instagram Story Camera:

  1. Open the Instagram application on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the camera icon located in the top-left corner of your screen or swipe right from your Instagram home page.
  3. Once you are in the Camera, you can start creating and sharing your story with your followers!
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It’s important to note that you can use different camera features to customize and enhance your story, such as filters and stickers.

Additionally, you can also switch between front-facing and back-facing cameras by tapping on the arrows icon located at the bottom-right corner of your screen while in the Camera.

In my experience, I found that using intriguing captions and making sure that my video content is relevant to my target audience often increases engagement on my stories.

Get ready to paste that link like your life (or, in this case, your Instagram story) depends on it!

Pasting the YouTube Link in Story

To insert a YouTube link in an Instagram story, follow these steps:

  1. Open the YouTube video you want to share in your browser.
  2. Tap on the ‘Share’ button located below the video.
  3. Select the ‘Instagram Story’ option from the list of social media platforms available.
  4. Wait for Instagram to open automatically and allow access to your camera and microphone if prompted.

By following these simple steps, you can easily share a YouTube link on your Instagram story without any hassle.

It’s worth noting that sharing multiple links in a single story is not possible, so make sure to select only one video per story.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage with your audience by sharing interesting content through Instagram stories. Start following these steps now and see how easy it is!

Make your Instagram Story pop with stickers and text, because plain just won’t cut it in the age of filters and memes.

Adding Stickers and Text to the Story

To enhance the Instagram Story, one can add creative elements such as ‘Decorating with Emojis and Typography.’ Here are four simple steps to add interesting stickers and text to your story:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the camera icon on the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Select a YouTube link you want to share.
  4. Add emojis, fonts, filters or resize it according to your preference before sharing it on Instagram Story.

For an added touch of innovation, try using bright colors that complement the YouTube video. Avoid over-cluttering with too many stickers and fonts that take away from the original content’s relevance.

Users find personalization helps in grabbing attention. Adding relevant calligraphy can capture more views and increase engagement.

A content creator once mentioned that they added colorful stars all around their ‘Amazon unboxing’ video thumbnails when sharing them on Instagram. This approach helped them stand out from regular posts and intrigue viewers into their brand.

Sharing a YouTube link on your Instagram story is like killing two birds with one video – you get to promote both platforms in one go!

Benefits of Sharing a YouTube Link on Instagram Story

To increase engagement and drive traffic to your YouTube channel, in order to cross-promote your content, sharing a YouTube link on Instagram Story can be an effective solution. This section will dive into the benefits of sharing a YouTube link on Instagram Story, including the sub-sections of increased engagement, driving traffic to YouTube, and cross-promoting content.

Increased Engagement

Sharing a YouTube link on Instagram Story can lead to a surge in user engagement and ultimately an increase in views. By doing this, Instagram followers can easily access the YouTube content without having to leave the app. This results in users spending more time on your content, increasing the chances of them subscribing to your channel or website.

Alongside increasing engagement, sharing a YouTube link on Instagram Story provides many benefits. For instance, it’s an excellent way to offer viewers a sneak peek of your upcoming videos while also promoting previously shared videos. Moreover, through influencers and collaborations, creators can expand their reach to new audiences and create brand awareness.

Sharing links isn’t just about posting and hoping for viewership; instead, it requires strategic planning and pairing with tips like adding compelling captions or CTA buttons to increase user interaction.

Pro Tip: When adding a YouTube link to your Instagram Story, ensure that the video has an eye-catching thumbnail or caption since you have only less than 15 seconds before the next story appears for user engagement.

Get your YouTube views soaring by hitching a ride on the Instagram Story highway.

Driving Traffic to YouTube

To enhance YouTube’s visibility, sharing a link on Instagram stories can benefit in multiple ways. By driving traffic to YouTube through Instagram stories, creators can reach out to a wider audience and boost their viewership.

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  • Increased Reach: Sharing a YouTube link on Instagram story empowers content creators to tap into a pool of users who are unable to stumble upon their channel organically. This makes it easier for creators to reel in new viewers.
  • Improved Engagement: Sharing bite-sized snippets of videos on Instagram Stories builds anticipation and piques interest among followers, leading to improved engagement once they visit the YouTube Channel.
  • Better Visibility: Putting up interactive stickers, polls or other effects in the Story nudges the user towards watching the videos. Such social media optimization increases discoverability and viewed minutes for older and newer videos alike.

Sharing links on Instagram stories is one way influencers connect with audiences through visual storytelling that promotes growth. Thus using these techniques encourages cross-promotion amongst different popular social media platforms.


  • Lead them On: Use intriguing captions with call-to-action phrases like ‘Swipe Up‘, ‘Link in Bio‘ etc., that act as an incentive for viewers/users to move from Instagram Story over to creators’YouTube channel/page.
  • Persuade through Creativity: Use aesthetically pleasing visuals, CTA Buttons or countdowns in order to persuade individuals into venturing off your Social Media profile onto your linked-platforms (ex. Youtube channels).
  • Fostering Exclusivity/Collaborating with other Influencers: Interacting frequently with followers by conducting interviews/shoutouts/collaborations showcases that every individual has something unique about them worth sharing/ highlighting so that more people are encouraged towards viewing multimedia-based content elsewhere.

All in all, weaving Instagram Stories into broader Social Media strategies opens up a channel of possibilities for creators to optimize videos, build a viewer-base and nourish fan communities. Cross-promoting content is the marketing equivalent of introducing your friends to each other and hoping they’ll hit it off.

Cross-promoting Content

Promoting your YouTube channel on Instagram Story is an excellent way to increase visibility and audience engagement. When you share a YouTube link on Instagram Story, you are cross-promoting your content across two platforms. This can help drive traffic to your YouTube channel, increase views, and potentially attract new subscribers.

  • Cross-promoting Content can be done easily with just a few clicks, making it a time-efficient solution for increasing visibility.
  • By using different media types such as videos and images on Instagram Story, Cross-promoting Content allows creators to showcase their channel’s diversity.
  • Through Cross-promoting Content, your followers on Instagram can see what type of content you create and if they find it interesting enough; they might check out more videos on your YouTube channel.

When promoting through the Cross-promotion method, it’s essential not to overlook the importance of creating visually appealing content. Use high-quality images or short snippets of the video in the story to grab attention.

Pro Tip: When sharing a link in an Instagram Story, make sure to include a CTA (Call-To-Action) that motivates your followers to click through.

Sharing a YouTube link on Instagram Story is like playing a game of Jenga – you need to carefully select the right pieces to keep your audience engaged without toppling over.

Best Practices for Sharing a YouTube Link on Instagram Story

To ensure effective sharing of a YouTube link on Instagram Story, adopt these best practices with relevant sub-sections for better results. Keep it relevant to your audience, add a clear call-to-action and use eye-catching visuals to make your Story stand out.

Keep it Relevant to your Audience

To keep your audience engaged, make sure the YouTube link you share on your Instagram Story is relevant to their interests. Consider their age group, location, and other demographic factors when choosing a video to share.

Make sure that the content of the video aligns with the values and interests of your followers. Share content that they might find inspiring, educational or funny.

To get a better idea of what kind of content will resonate with your audience, analyze their previous engagement with your account. You can use Instagram Insights to see which posts received the most likes, shares and comments from your followers.

Pro tip: Use Instagram’s swipe-up feature in order to include more context for why you’re sharing the link and encourage viewers to engage further with your account.

Don’t just swipe up, swipe your way to video-sharing success with these Instagram Story tips!


To maximize your engagement on Instagram, you need to use an effective call-to-action (CTA) strategy that encourages your followers to take action. One of the best ways to leverage this is by sharing YouTube links on your Instagram story. By using compelling captions and images, you can attract your audience’s attention and prompt them to swipe up or click the link.

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Moreover, it’s essential to make sure that your video content aligns with your brand image and story. To do that, focus on creating videos that are educational, entertaining, or inspiring for your niche audience. This will help you maintain their interest and boost conversions in the long run.

It’s also wise to track your Instagram insights over time to see which types of CTAs work best for different types of posts. This way, you can refine and optimize your marketing campaign over time until you find the perfect CTA formula for maximum impact.

Don’t let FOMO get the better of you – start incorporating these tips into your Instagram strategy today for maximum results!

Make your visuals pop like a zit on prom night, but without the embarrassment.

Use Eye-catching Visuals

By using visually alluring content, you can grab the attention of your followers. Use bright colors, bold text, and catchy images to make your Instagram story stand out. With a plethora of social media stories vying for attention, it’s important to make sure your content pops.

Utilizing striking visuals is crucial in creating an impactful Instagram Story. Bright hues and eye-catching images will boost engagement rates and create a long-lasting impression on your viewers. A well-crafted image could even prompt individuals to follow up with clicking the YouTube link.

Maximize engagement by adding powerful graphics that will entice users to take action upon viewing your story. Keep in mind that emotion-inducing elements such as urgency, fear of missing out (FOMO), and exclusivity are especially effective in converting viewers into followers.

Don’t let your Instagram Stories fizzle out – ensure that they pack a punch with eye-catching imagery and dynamic texts. Fostering engaging content on social media requires constant experimentation and innovation, so don’t be afraid to test new approaches every now and then!

Sharing YouTube links on Instagram Stories is easy as long as you remember to click ‘share‘ instead of ‘delete‘.


After following the above steps, posting a YouTube link on Instagram story can be an effortless task. By creating an account on IFTTT and copying the YouTube link into the applet maker, your video can directly upload and share to Instagram stories without any extra hassle of downloading and re-uploading videos. The procedure may differ slightly depending on the topic or device being used, but usually takes no more than a few minutes to complete.

While this process seems straightforward, it is important to note that not all devices or applications support linking YouTube videos on Instagram stories without additional apps’ help. Ensure you have access to the required application and follow each step carefully for optimal results.

With social media becoming increasingly popular worldwide, it’s no surprise that adapting user-friendly ways would make technology more accessible to everyone. The integration between Instagram stories and YouTube has made sharing content exponentially seamless-enhancing engagement between platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share a YouTube link on my Instagram story?

Yes, you can share a YouTube link on your Instagram story.

How do I share a YouTube link on my Instagram story?

Firstly, copy the link of the YouTube video you want to share. Then, go to your Instagram story and select the "Link" option. Paste the copied link in the provided space and click "Done".

Can I add any text or stickers to my Instagram story along with the YouTube link?

Yes, you can add any text or stickers to your Instagram story along with the YouTube link. In fact, it is a good idea to add some context or a call-to-action to encourage your followers to click on the link.

Are there any restrictions on sharing YouTube links on Instagram stories?

Yes, there are certain restrictions on sharing YouTube links on Instagram stories. Firstly, you must have a verified Instagram account. Secondly, the YouTube video you are sharing should not have any age or country restrictions and it should comply with Instagram's community guidelines.

Will my followers be able to watch the entire YouTube video on Instagram?

No, your followers will not be able to watch the entire YouTube video on Instagram. Clicking on the link will redirect them to the YouTube app or website where they can watch the full video.

Can I track how many people clicked on the YouTube link in my Instagram story?

Yes, you can track how many people clicked on the YouTube link in your Instagram story. Simply go to your Instagram story insights and check the "swipe up" option to see the number of clicks on the link.a

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