How to Share Full Reels on Instagram Story?

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How to share full reels on Instagram Story?

To effectively share complete reels on your Instagram Story, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Reel you want to share.
  2. Tap the three dots located at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Choose the ‘Share’ option from the menu and hit ‘Add Post to Your Story.’
  4. Edit and customize your Reel for personalization and then post it onto your Story.

Additionally, if you want more reach, try adding relevant hashtags or geotags when sharing to help attract more viewers to your story without having them navigate to your account.

Get ready to feel old: Instagram Reels were introduced last year, but it feels like they’ve been punishing us with them for a decade.

Understanding Instagram Reels

To understand Instagram Reels, with a focus on what these features are and how they work, we’ll dive into the section that explores the topic. The sub-sections will cover what Instagram Reels are and their features.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are a new form of video content on the popular social media app Instagram, which allows users to create short-form videos of up to 30 seconds. This feature is similar to TikTok, allowing users to create engaging and creative video content.

  • Instagram Reels provide an opportunity for businesses and creators to reach a wider audience through the Explore page.
  • Users can add music, special effects and text to make their videos stand out.
  • The Reels feature promotes user engagement as users can “like” or comment on videos just like they would with regular Instagram posts.
  • Reels content can also be shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Despite its similarities with TikTok, there are unique features of Instagram Reels that make it worth exploring as it can help you connect with your target audience and expand your reach effectively.

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses should consider using Instagram Reels either by showcasing behind-the-scenes action or by delivering valuable information in a more interactive way. Using this feature not only creates brand awareness but also provides a fun and authentic touch to your regular marketing strategy while encouraging viewers’ active participation.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Add this feature to your social media strategy today and take advantage of its growing popularity among both businesses and individual users alike.

When it comes to features, Instagram Reels is like a Swiss Army knife – packed with tools you didn’t even know you needed.

Features of Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is the latest feature that’s taking the social media world by storm. It has unique features that make it stand out from other features on Instagram.

  • Multi-clip Editing: Users can record a 15-second video and then use different effects, speed adjustments, audio, and adding text in their video to make it look more creative and engaging.
  • Music Library: Reels contain a huge collection of music tracks that allow users to add music easily without any copyright issues.
  • Explore Tab: Instagram’s explore tab showcases prominent reels from popular influencers globally based on users’ searches and preferences.
  • Duets & Collaboration: With Reels, users can now collaborate with one another by making duets or multiple videos together to create an engaging content piece.

One unique aspect of Instagram Reels is how popular it has become in a very short amount of time and its ability to keep users engaged for longer periods of time. The platform has revolutionized the way people have been creating content online with its dynamic new features, giving them vast space for creativity.

A friend of mine recently started using Instagram Reels to showcase her cooking skills, and she has seen a significant increase in followers due to her innovative content creation styles on this new feature. She said that she loves how easy it is for her to edit videos using the tools provided within the app, which saves her loads of time compared would usually spend editing videos by third-party software.

Get ready to share your epic reels on your Instagram Story – because let’s face it, one platform for showing off just isn’t enough.

Steps to share full reels on Instagram Story

To share full reels on Instagram Story with ease, follow these steps for quick results. Create an Instagram Reel and head to Instagram Story. Then select the ‘Reels’ option and choose the Reel you want to share on your story. Customize the Reel before sharing to add your personal touch and voila, your full reel is now live on your Instagram Story.

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Create an Instagram Reel

To create an exceptional reel on Instagram, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Launch the Instagram app and navigate to your profile page.
  2. In the top left corner of your screen, tap the ‘+’ icon to open the camera interface.
  3. Choose ‘Reels’ from the options at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Begin recording by pressing and holding on the record button or upload pre-existing videos from your device’s library.
  5. Edit, add music and effects to enhance your reel and tap ‘share’ when you are happy with it.

In addition, you can share full reels on Instagram stories by using the share feature available for that post.

It is worth noting that many creators now use reels as their primary mode of content creation due to its vast reach potential.

An interesting fact about reels is that it was launched in August 2020 in response to Tik Tok gaining momentum among young users.

Time to give your fingers a workout and get swiping, because Instagram Story is your next stop on the priceless journey of sharing your full reels.

Go to Instagram Story

To access your Instagram Story and share full reels, start by opening the Instagram app on your mobile device.

  1. Tap on your profile picture in the top left corner of the screen to open your Story section.
  2. Select the ‘Reels‘ option at the bottom of the screen to view available reels.
  3. Select the reel you want to share and tap on the ‘Share‘ button, which will give you options to post it as a story or send it as a direct message.

It’s worth noting that when sharing a full reel on Instagram Story, you can also add text, stickers, or drawings to enhance your content.

For additional engagement, consider adding hashtags or location tags relevant to your audience. This can help attract new followers who may be interested in your content. Additionally, by tagging other users or brands in your Stories, you might increase visibility and potentially collaborate with others within your industry.

Overall, simply following these steps can help you quickly and easily share full reels on Instagram Story while engaging with audiences in creative and effective ways. Get ready to show off your reely awesome content by selecting the ‘Reels’ option like a pro on Instagram Story.

Select the ‘Reels’ option

To share a full reel on your Instagram story, navigate to the reels section in your Instagram app. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Click on the camera icon in the top left corner.
  3. Select the ‘Reels’ tab at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the desired reel from the camera roll or record a new one.
  5. Click on ‘Share Reel’ and select ‘Add to Story.’

To make it easier, you can also tap and hold on any reel and click on “Add Reel to Your Story” located at the bottom center of the screen.

A quick tip would be to add stickers, music, or text to make it more engaging for your audience. Sharing reels on your Instagram stories is a great way to leverage both features and maximize engagement.

Choosing a reel to share is like choosing your favourite child – you know you shouldn’t have a favourite, but deep down you do.

Choose the Reel you want to share

To share a full Instagram Reel on your story, select the desired Reel from your profile. Here are some quick ways to do this:

  1. Tap the Reel and click “Share” at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select “Add Video/Photo” and choose the Reel from your gallery.
  3. Press and hold on the Reel you want to share and tap “Add to Story.”
  4. Click ‘Send To’ next to the chosen Reel and select ‘Story.’

Once added, add captions, stickers, or other creative elements before sharing with your followers. Additionally, customize your settings through advanced options such as music selection.

Pro Tip: To increase engagement, use appropriate hashtags and location tags that align with your content theme.
Make your Reel as unique as your fingerprint, but hopefully without the ink stains – customize it before sharing on Instagram Story.

Customize the Reel before sharing

To personalize your Instagram Reel before sharing it, you can tweak some settings to make it more appealing. Following are the steps to refine your Reel and share on your Story.

  1. Select the Reel you want to share on your Story.
  2. Tap on the three dots present at the bottom right corner of the Reel screen.
  3. This will direct you to various options like share as a message, copy link, etc., select “Add Reel to Your Story“.
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By following these steps, you can customize your Reel according to your preference and publish it confidently on Instagram Stories.

It is essential to refine your content before publishing it for better results. After customizing your content, remember to add appropriate #hashtags, geotags, or @mentions relevant to your content’s theme and audience’s taste. These small details will help maximize engagement rates from your followers.

Get ready to reel in the likes and views with these top tips for Instagram Reels success.

Tips to make the most out of Instagram Reels

To make the most out of Instagram Reels with the sub-sections “Keep it short and sweet,” “Use trending songs and hashtags,” “Engage with your audience,” and “Experiment with different formats.” These tips will help you share full reels on Instagram Story and increase your reach.

Keep it short and sweet

Creating short and engaging Instagram Reels is the key to grabbing users’ attention. Attention span for internet users has reduced, so keeping it concise and captivating is necessary. Stick to a Semantic NLP variation of ‘Keep it short and sweet‘, as long stories are not ideal for Reels. If your content needs more time, consider creating different parts, so users come back.

Avoid including anything irrelevant that distracts from the main message in the Reel. Keep the visuals minimalistic and aligned with the concept to enhance user engagement. Include graphics or text if required but ensure they are legible and visually appealing.

Remember to add a Call-to-action at the end of your reel, encouraging viewers to follow your page or engage with your content. Use emotionally relevant CTA prompts like “Don’t miss out!” that encourage an immediate response from viewers.

To keep your Instagram Reels interesting and exciting, experiment with various trends like lip-sync, dance moves, meme templates etc., that showcase your brand’s personality in a fun way. Keeping these tips in mind will help amplify your brand’s voice in today’s digital world.

Jump on the playlist bandwagon and let your Reels ride the wave of trending songs and hashtags like a social media surfer.

To optimize your Instagram Reels content, incorporating popular music and hashtags is crucial. Here are a few tips on how to effectively use trending songs and tags for maximum engagement:

  1. Utilize relevant hashtags: Research and incorporate current popular hashtags that align with your content theme. This can increase the likelihood of appearing in the explore page and reaching new audiences.
  2. Choose fitting music: Select soundtracks that correspond with your overall message, mood, or vibe of the video. Trending songs in the charts can enhance visibility when used strategically.
  3. Be creative with variations: Instead of using repetitive or basic hashtag and soundtrack options, brainstorm unique or quirky alternatives that resonate with your audience.
  4. Analyze data insights: Monitor analytics to identify which music choices and hashtag variations resonate the most with followers. Experiment with new combinations based on this feedback to optimize content further.

A noteworthy point to remember is to ensure the relevance of these tags and music in your brand’s image. Don’t compromise coherence between content structure and chosen elements just for glimpses of internet fame.

Pro Tip – Add subtitles to the video, ensuring it accommodates views irrespective of varied accessibility needs.

Engage with your fans on Instagram Reels because stalking them outside their house is frowned upon.

Engage with your audience

To effectively connect with your Instagram followers, focus on building a relationship based on mutual interests. Prompt users to share their opinions and thoughts by asking thought-provoking questions or giving them suggestions to experiment with. Additionally, use tools like polls and surveys in your reels to encourage user interaction. These actions go a long way in fostering a true sense of community spirit.

Moreover, reply to your followers’ comments in a timely manner; this signals that you value their engagement. Remember that building an engaged audience is a two-way process – stay authentic and actively participate in conversations within the comments section.

Consider setting up live Q&A sessions to further enhance engagement. This offers a chance for real-time interaction while providing additional information about your brand or products. As a result, not only will you create meaningful connections with followers but also establish trust in your brand’s authenticity.

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A beauty influencer used clever visuals and funny audio clips to showcase her daily skincare routine. By sharing relatable tips and tricks along with engaging commentary, she earned thousands of interactions from followers who shared similar skincare issues and routines.

Overall, engagement reigns supreme on Instagram Reels as reaching out to your audience fosters better relationships, boosting loyalty while creating genuine interest around one’s brand.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up on Instagram Reels – try a dance video one day and a cooking tutorial the next, just don’t accidentally twerk with your spatula.

Experiment with different formats

To truly maximize the potential of Instagram Reels, it is crucial to explore the diverse range of formats available on the platform. Trying out different variations and combinations can help to create a unique and engaging content experience for viewers. Whether it’s incorporating music, text overlays, or special effects, each format offers a distinct opportunity to convey your message effectively and creatively. By experimenting with various formats in your Instagram Reels, you can keep your audience engaged, showcase your brand personality and stand out from the competition.

To start exploring different formats, consider analyzing similar accounts in your industry for inspiration. Observe what types of formats are popular among your target audience and try to incorporate them into your content strategy. Another approach is to leverage User Generated Content (UGC) in various formats like challenges or duos. This will help you establish a strong relationship with your existing as well as new customers.

Furthermore, it’s important to keep track of how your content is performing using analytics tools available within the platform. This will help you understand which formats result in higher engagement rates so that you can plan accordingly.

In summary, do not shy away from experimenting with unique formats on Instagram Reels to make sure that your message resonates with its intended audience effectively. At last I remember my friend who shifted her small jewellery business online during the pandemic and made use of Instagram Reels tapping into Holidays and festivals which resulted in huge sales volume growth for her business.
Even if your Reels don’t go viral, at least you’ll have proof that you can dance better than your ex.


Sharing Full Reels on Instagram Story is a quick and accessible way to attract more viewers on your profile. This can be done easily in two steps. First, select the relevant Reel you want to share in full and then tap on the three dots located at the top right corner of the screen. From there, click on ‘Share to Story’.

Next, you can reformat your video by adding text, Gifs or Stickers before sharing it with your followers. Doing so will make your story more interesting and engaging. Add attractive music to your Reels for further impact.

It is important to know that when sharing Full Reels on Instagram Story; you have the option of personalizing it based on your own style or brand requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I share full reels on my Instagram story?

To share full reels on your Instagram story, you can simply tap the share button located at the bottom-right corner of the reel you want to share and select "Add Reel to Your Story" option.

2. Can I add my own captions to the full reels I share?

Yes, you can add your own captions to the full reels you share on your Instagram story. Just tap the caption button and type in your text.

3. Can I share full reels from other users' profiles?

Yes, you can share full reels from other users' profiles on your Instagram story by tapping on the share button located at the bottom-right corner of the reel and selecting "Add Reel to Your Story".

4. How long will the full reels be visible on my story?

The full reels you share on your Instagram story will be visible for 24 hours, after which they will disappear unless you save them to your profile.

5. Will the original poster know if I share their full reel on my story?

Yes, the original poster will be notified if you share their full reel on your Instagram story. However, they will not be able to see who exactly shared their reel.

6. Can I share full reels on my Instagram story if my account is private?

Yes, you can still share full reels on your Instagram story even if your account is private. However, only your approved followers will be able to see it.

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