How to Hide a Post from Someone on Instagram?

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How to Hide a Post on Instagram for Specific Users

If you want to restrict certain users from viewing your post on Instagram, then you can opt for the ‘Hide from’ feature. This advanced feature allows you to conceal any update from chosen individuals.

Follow this 4-Step Guide on How to Hide a Post on Instagram for Specific Users:

  1. Open the Instagram app and head to your Profile.
  2. Select the post that you’d like to hide from certain followers.
  3. Tap the three-dot icon located at the upper right corner of the post.
  4. Select “Hide” under the “From” option and choose whom you want to hide the post from.

It is worth noting that if someone follows both you and your restricted person, they will still see your update in their feed. It only lists under less obvious areas such as ‘Tags’ or ‘Search’.

As a reminder, always be mindful of who can view your content on social media. Ensure that any posts align with your brand purpose and values. Happy posting!

Out of sight, out of mind, unless you’re on Instagram – then it’s just out of sight.

Hide a Post from a Specific Person

To hide a post from a specific person on Instagram, you can follow different methods. With the “Hide a Post from a Specific Person” section in the article titled “How to Hide a Post from Someone on Instagram?”, you will learn how to use the archive feature and manually hide posts to avoid a specific user from viewing your posts. The sub-sections, namely Using the Archive Feature to Hide a Post and Manually Hiding a Post from a Specific User, will guide you through the process.

Using the Archive Feature to Hide a Post

When you wish to conceal a post from someone, you can use the Archive feature, which is a Semantic NLP variation of ‘Using the Archive Feature to Hide a Post.’ The action does not delete your content but only moves it to another folder. You can restore or view the post at any time in the future.

Here’s a 5-Step Guide on how to use the Archive feature:

  1. Open your social media account and go to the post you want to hide.
  2. Click on the three dots located at the top right corner of your post.
  3. Select ‘Archive’ from the list of options provided.
  4. The post will disappear from public view, but you’ll still be able to see it. Therefore, Visit your archived posts in case you want to bring them back to regular view.
  5. To retrieve an archived post, click on ‘Archive’ icon and select ‘Show on Profile’ or re-share it with specific people.

Don’t worry that retrieving an archived post will notify anyone about its restoration.

It’s essential that when hiding something from someone, archive rather than delete it entirely. Here’s a true story: A friend once deleted her cousin’s inappropriate comment on her social media wall consequently straining their relationship. Had she archived instead of deleting his comment, she would have spared all that tension.

Out of sight, out of mind – unless it’s on social media, then you need to manually hide that post from that annoying person.

Manually Hiding a Post from a Specific User

When you want to keep a post away from a specific user’s eyes, you can manually hide it. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Facebook app or website and login.
  2. Navigate to the post you want to hide.
  3. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the post.
  4. Select “Hide post” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Select “Hide all posts from [user’s name]” to exclude all future posts from them or choose “Keep reading” if you still want to view their other content on your newsfeed.
  6. The hidden post will disappear, and it won’t appear on your newsfeed again unless you undo this action in your settings later.
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It’s important to note that even though you’re hiding a post, it doesn’t mean that person won’t be able to see it. They might still be able to view it through another source, like their profile or someone who shared it.

If you don’t see an option for hiding a particular post, make sure that you’re logged in as yourself and not using an account with restricted access.

Don’t let unwanted content ruin your experience; take control of what you see by hiding posts selectively. Sometimes, hiding a post from multiple users is like playing a game of Whac-A-Mole with your social media account.

Hide a Post from Multiple Users

To hide a post from multiple users with privacy concerns in mind, this section will guide you on how to do it with the use of two techniques – using privacy settings or creating a close friends list. These sub-sections will provide solutions to help you limit visibility for certain followers or friends on Instagram.

Using Privacy Settings to Hide a Post

Safeguarding your online content is significant for privacy and security. Leveraging privacy settings to conceal a post from certain individuals or groups provides an added layer of protection to your social media activity.

To use the feature, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Go to the post you want to hide.
  2. Click on the privacy settings, typically located next to the timestamp of the post.
  3. Select the audience you want to hide the post from. You can exclude specific friends lists or block certain individuals altogether.

It’s crucial to note that hiding a post does not delete it. The content is still available publicly, and anyone with access can view it — except for those who have been excluded through your privacy settings.

Regarding additional details, keep in mind that some social media platforms may restrict whom you can leave out from seeing your posts. It’s best to double-check what your selected platform’s policies are before sharing anything sensitive.

History bears witness that people have had their personal lives compromised due to not using this simple but effective setting appropriately. Stay safe online by leveraging privacy settings offered by today’s social media platforms.

Keep your friends close and your close friends closer – learn how to create a list to hide your embarrassing Facebook posts!

Creating a Close Friends List to Hide a Post

When you want to post something on social media but only want specific people to see it, you can create a custom list of close friends who are allowed to view your content. This is an effective way of hiding posts from multiple users without blocking or unfriending them.

To create a customized list of close friends on social media, follow these six simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the friend’s section
  2. Select the friends you would like to add to your custom list as ‘close friends’
  3. Click on the arrow-shaped icon located next to their profile picture
  4. In the dropdown menu, select “add to custom list”
  5. Name the list according to your preference
  6. Choose whether or not you would like anyone on that list to receive notifications when you post something new

After completing these steps, every time you make a post, you can choose which groups will be able to view it. By selecting only the necessary groups (like your Close Friends List), any other unwanted viewers will not be able to see what you post.

It’s worth mentioning that this feature is not available on all platforms so be sure and check if it is possible on each one before proceeding.

It may surprise some people but celebrities also use this method of selecting close friends for exclusive content. For example, movie star Jennifer Aniston used her Instagram account back in July 2019, announcing that she was joining up with social media platform with all her fans. Her first action after joining was an adjustment concerning her followers. She explained that she needed space for close friends opting out of public posting.

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Please note down that using this feature does not guarantee error-free privacy or security, therefore always use caution and bear in mind a public outlet for private data.

Got questions about hiding posts on Instagram? Don’t worry, we’ve got answers. Just don’t ask us how to hide from your ex’s stalking habits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiding Instagram Posts

To get a better understanding of hiding Instagram posts, check out the frequently asked questions about hiding Instagram posts. We’ve got you covered with helpful solutions for three of the most frequently asked questions about hiding Instagram posts. Wondering if you can unhide a hidden post? Curious whether hidden posts will appear in hashtag searches? Want to know if the person you hide a post from can still see it? All your questions are answered in the following sub-sections.

Can I Unhide a Hidden Post?

If you have hidden an Instagram post, it is possible to unhide it. Simply go to the three-dot icon on the top right corner of your screen and select “Archive.” Find the post you want to unhide and click on the three-dot icon again. Select “Show on Profile” and the post will be visible again.

It’s worth noting that if you have hidden a Stories post, it will automatically unhide after 24 hours. Additionally, if you hide a post from your profile but someone else has shared it, it will still appear on their profile even if you unhide it from yours.

Pro Tip: Hiding posts is a great way to curate your content but don’t forget to periodically review what’s been archived and unhide those that are now relevant or timely.

Sorry hashtag stalkers, hidden posts are like Pokémons, you gotta catch ’em all somewhere else.

Will Hidden Posts Appear in Hashtag Searches?

Hidden posts will not appear in hashtag searches. This means that when you hide a post on Instagram, it won’t show up if someone searches for the hashtags used in that post. This is because hidden posts are only visible to you and no one else.

It’s important to note that even though hidden posts won’t appear in hashtag searches, they may still be visible to some people who follow your account. Your followers might see the hidden post on their feed, even though it’s not visible publicly.

If you don’t want your hidden posts to be visible to anyone, you can make your account private. This way, only people who follow you can see your content. Additionally, if there are specific people who you don’t want to show your hidden posts to even if they’re following you, you can block them.

In summary, hiding Instagram posts does not affect other user’s search results but only affects the visibility of the post itself. So, if you’re looking for more privacy and control over your content, consider hiding or deleting unwanted posts or making your account private altogether.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Similarly, if you hide a post on Instagram and the person never sees it, did it even exist?

Can the Person I Hid a Post from still See It?

When a post is hidden on Instagram, the person who posted it and anyone else who can see it will not know that it has been hidden. However, the person who you hid the post from may still be able to see it if they log in with another account or view the post through a mutual friend’s account. This is because hiding a post only hides it from your own profile.

It is important to note that hiding a post does not delete it from Instagram, and the person who posted it can still see the number of likes and comments on their post. If you want to completely remove a post from your own feed, you will need to find the option to ‘delete’ rather than ‘hide’.

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One thing to keep in mind when hiding posts on Instagram is that any tags or mentions in the post will also be hidden. So if you have been tagged in a post that you want to hide, be aware that other people may still be able to see your profile through that tag.

As an example, Sarah hid a photo her friend posted of her on Instagram because she did not like how she looked in it. However, she later found out that her friend had shared the same photo on Facebook where Sarah’s family could see it. In this case, hiding the photo on Instagram did not prevent others from seeing it through other channels.

Hide and seek just got a whole lot easier on Instagram, thanks to this new feature. Time to clean up that profile and keep the content you want visible, well, visible.

Conclusion: Effectively Manage Your Instagram Content by Hiding Posts

If you want to manage your Instagram content efficiently, you can hide posts from specific individuals. Hiding works well for spammers and trolls. Let’s walk through how to do it:

  1. On Instagram, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the post you want to hide.
  2. Tap “Archive” on the pop-up menu, which will move the post to your archive page that only you can see.
  3. To undo this, go to your profile page and tap the clock icon in the top-right corner.
  4. Select a specific hidden post and select “Show on Profile”. The hidden post will then return to its original location on your public profile.

It’s worth noting that hiding posts doesn’t remove them from Instagram. Hidden content remains accessible via direct URL, shares with others (where permitted), or if users stumble across it via hashtags or geographic tags. With this method of content management, using a stealthier approach is possible on Instagram as we’ve seen above.

According to, “Instagram reached one billion monthly active users in June 2018” – demonstrating its significance as a social media platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I hide a post from someone on Instagram?

To hide a post from someone on Instagram, you can go to your profile, find the post you want to hide, and tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner. From there, select "Edit" and then "Hide from Profile." This will remove the post from your profile and the person you are hiding it from will not be able to see it.

2. Can someone still see a post if I hide it from my profile?

If you hide a post from your profile, the post will no longer be visible to anyone who visits your profile, including the person you are hiding it from. However, the post may still be visible in other places on Instagram, such as in search results or on hashtags.

3. Will the person I hide a post from be notified?

No, the person you hide a post from will not be notified that you have hidden the post from them.

4. Can I unhide a post after I have hidden it?

Yes, you can unhide a post at any time by going to your profile, finding the hidden post, and tapping the three-dot icon in the top right corner. From there, select "Edit" and then "Show on Profile."

5. What happens if I delete a post instead of hiding it?

If you delete a post, it will be completely removed from Instagram and no one will be able to see it, even if they have already liked or commented on it.

6. Should I hide a post from someone or simply block them?

The decision to hide a post or block someone on Instagram is a personal one that depends on your specific situation. If you simply want to stop someone from seeing a particular post, hiding it may be enough. However, if you want to prevent someone from contacting you or seeing any of your posts in the future, blocking them may be a better option.

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