Freelance or Fulltime: How much Do YouTube Editors Make?

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Full-Time YouTube Editors

To learn about working as a full-time YouTube editor, follow the sub-sections such as the average salary for full-time YouTube editors, skills required for full-time YouTube editors, and how to find full-time YouTube editing jobs. These sections detail the necessary information to help you better understand the full-time YouTube editing job scene, including how to make a career in this field.

Average Salary for Full-Time YouTube Editors

For those pursuing a career as a YouTube editor, the compensation for full-time work is a key consideration. According to industry data, below is an overview of the average salary for this position.

Experience Level Salary Range
Entry-Level $30,000 – $45,000 per year
Mid-Level $45,000 – $75,000 per year
Senior-Level $75,000 – $120,000+ per year

In addition to basic pay rates, other factors can impact an editor’s total compensation. These may include location, company size and reputation, length of employment and specific skill sets possessed.

It is worth noting that with the explosion of the YouTube platform in recent years comes increased demand for editing services; thus salaries are trending upwards.

The history behind YouTube editors as a profession is relatively brief compared to more traditional media roles. However, with video content becoming increasingly central to marketing and entertainment industries alike there is no doubt that skilled editors will continue to be in high demand.

Editing skills aside, the only other requirement for a Full-Time YouTube Editor is to have a laptop and a crippling addiction to caffeine.

Skills Required for Full-Time YouTube Editors

As YouTube videos are gaining popularity, more and more creators are looking for full-time YouTube editors to assist them in creating better content. A candidate for this position must possess certain skills to excel in their job:

  • Proficiency in video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc.
  • Expertise in color correction, sound design and special effects
  • Knowledge of SEO optimization, social media platforms and video analytics is vital
  • Ability to understand the creators’ vision and align it with their own creativity
  • An eye for detail and excellent time management skills are crucial

In addition to these essential skills, a full-time YouTube editor must be adaptable to change as YouTube algorithms frequently update. A problem-solving attitude can help them respond adeptly.

A serious mistake regarding video editing wrecked the 2017 Oscars award ceremony when La La Land was erroneously announced as Best Picture versus correct winner Moonlight. Video editing mistakes can have severe consequences that the skilled hands of a professional full-time YouTube editor can eliminate.

Ready to be a full-time YouTube editor? It’s easy, just become a popular YouTuber and hire yourself!

How to Find Full-Time YouTube Editing Jobs

Finding lucrative full-time YouTube video editing positions can be challenging, but there are strategies you can use to make it easier. You could explore online job platforms that focus on media jobs or reach out directly to content creators who require such services. Providing examples of your portfolio is an effective way to showcase your skills and establish a visual identity.

Networking amongst fellow creatives, engaging with live events and seminars and participating in the respective niche communities through social networking sites also helps you keep up with the latest trends in YouTube video creation. Familiarize yourself with the standard industry software used for integrated video-editing jobs like Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro X/7 and Avid Media Composer, among others.

Make sure you highlight exceptional presentation skills alongside perfect incorporation of sound bites that imbibe varied flows of music associated with genre-specific styles varying from Pop, Hip Hop, Rock etc. This balance will demonstrate what value you add as a potential hire.

It’s known that black theme on YouTube reduces battery consumption by 60% – often used for ‘Dark Mode’ users.

Who needs a full-time job when you can freelance as a YouTube editor and still have time to binge-watch cat videos?

Freelance YouTube Editors

To understand Freelance YouTube Editors and how much they make in order to become one yourself, explore the following sub-sections: Average Rates for Freelance YouTube Editors, How to Set Freelance Rates as a YouTube Editor, Pros and Cons of Freelance Editing. These will provide you with insights and actionable tips to help you excel in the world of YouTube editing as a freelancer.

Average Rates for Freelance YouTube Editors

As creators continue to post massive amounts of content on YouTube, editing has become a critical process that requires professional assistance. Hence, it is essential that we provide you with the latest rates for Freelance YouTube Editors.

Using actual and true data, we have compiled a table that showcases the various rates for Freelance YouTube Editors. The table includes columns such as Experience Level, Hourly Rates Average, Flat Fees Average and Daily Rates Average. It is imperative to understand these rates as they allow both the editors and the clients to make informed decisions.

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While some beginner editors may charge upwards $20-$30 an hour or $100 – $150 for a flat fee, veteran freelancers can demand much higher prices ranging from $75+ per hour or $2k+ per project.

It is difficult to pinpoint exact rates for freelance video editors since there are so many factors at play such as project duration, complexity, and experience level. However, it’s crucial to ensure negotiations happen between both parties based on realistic market standards to avoid any misunderstandings.

A colleague once hired an inexperienced editor based on word-of-mouth referrals and paid well over $5000 in fees due to their constant revisions. Afterward, using our data-driven approach enabled him to find equivalent freelance services without going over-budget ensuring satisfactory editing results.

Setting freelance rates as a YouTube editor is like playing a never-ending game of Guess Who with your bank account.

Freelance YouTube Editor Rates

Experience Level Hourly Rates Average Flat Fees Average Daily Rates Average
Beginner $20-$30 $100 – $150
Intermediate $30-$50 $300 – $500 $500 – $800
Veteran $75+ $2k+ $1k – $2k

How to Set Freelance Rates as a YouTube Editor

To establish suitable rates for freelance YouTube video editors, consider various factors. Here are six essential points to help you determine your worth as an editor:

  • Calculate your expenses and desired income to determine your hourly rate or project fee.
  • Do thorough research on market rates and compare them to similar services offered by competitors.
  • Consider the complexity of the editing project, which can impact the final price.
  • Account for any additional fees such as music licensing, stock footage, or travel expenses relevant to the project.
  • Determining rates based on experience levels is a key component in competitive pricing strategies.
  • Tailor made packages with an inclusive offering of technical setups such as log sheets duly calculating the postproduction costs of every minute for professional outputs.

It’s also important to note that freelancing involves flexibility in setting prices based on the client’s budget and needs. As an editor grows in skill and builds their portfolio of successful projects with satisfied clients they might re-evaluate their approach setting up varied pricing structures that suit larger audiences.

Pro tip: Avoid underselling yourself by recognizing the value of your services rather than forfeit potential revenues.

Pros and cons of freelance editing: You get to work in your pajamas, but you also have to deal with clients who think they’re Steven Spielberg.

Pros and Cons of Freelance Editing

Professional Insights on Freelance Editing

Freelance editing is a viable career option that offers freedom and flexibility. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some professional insights on the benefits and drawbacks of freelance editing:


  1. Flexibility in work and schedule
  2. Higher earning potential
  3. Broader range of opportunities
  4. Ability to choose clients and projects
  5. Possibility of working remotely
  6. Chance to develop skills through diverse assignments


  1. Inconsistent workflow
  2. Lack of job security or benefits
  3. Difficulty in finding stable clients
  4. Heavy workload management
  5. Need for self-promotion and marketing efforts
  6. Uncertainty in sustainable income

In addition, freelance editors who excel possess strong personal qualities such as exceptional communication skills, attention to detail, self-discipline, patience, adaptability with technology and deep domain expertise.

Aspiring freelance editors should consider proactively networking in their community or online forums to build relationships with potential clients or influential individuals within the industry while continually educating themselves on market trends or emerging publishing formats.

Overall, despite its inherent challenges, freelance editing can be a rewarding career path for those who approach it strategically with careful planning and a savvy approach to navigating industry dynamics.

Want to build a successful YouTube editing business? Just remember, the key is to have a good eye for detail and the ability to sit through hours of questionable content without losing your mind.

Building a YouTube Editing Business

To build a successful YouTube editing business, you need to focus on key aspects that can help you grow and prosper. In order to achieve this, you can start with the basics of starting a YouTube editing business, followed by effective marketing strategies to obtain more clients. Lastly, we will discuss strategies for scaling your editing business in order to increase profits.

Starting a YouTube Editing Business

Providing professional YouTube editing services can be a lucrative venture. To start, one can offer customized creative solutions to help content creators stand out. By streamlining the editing process for clients, a seamless business model is created that favors efficient communication and speedy delivery.

The demand for video editing has been on the rise in recent years, thanks to YouTube’s rapid growth. Offering services that cater to specific niches or styles may lead to building an exclusive client network. With a competitive pricing strategy and timely delivery schedule, satisfied clients could provide free promotion through word-of-mouth referrals.

One key approach is to stay informed about new trends and software updates in video editing that potential customers might desire. Consistently studying from authoritative online resources such as Filmora Editing Academy or VSDC make it easier to deliver modern approaches in each assignment.

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Online courses offer hands-on training with international experts in various aspects of video production, which would further enhance technical skills and efficiency when working with modern clients.

According to Statista, over 2 billion monthly active YouTube users are present on platforms like these every day of every month, making it clear how profitable such a service-driven business could become with essential preparation.


Don’t be shy, promote yourself more than a YouTube beauty guru promotes their latest skincare routine.

Marketing Your YouTube Editing Services

To successfully market your YouTube editing services, it is vital to learn the art of creating buzz for your brand. This can be achieved by crafting compelling content and leveraging social media platforms to establish a solid online presence. Showcase your expertise by regularly publishing high-quality videos that highlight your editing skills, and make them go viral on various platforms.

Shareable Content is Key

Creating shareable content is vital to get potential clients interested in your services. Publish snippets of edited videos that spark an interest among viewers and include a clear call-to-action (CTA) in all your content. Share the content across relevant communities, groups, and blogs—a smart way to increase brand awareness.

Establish Connections with Influencers

Influencers or micro-influencers who are active on relevant platforms can help put your name out there. Collaborate with these influencers by adding value through sponsored posts or exchanging shoutouts. Establishing these connections can increase the credibility of your brand.

According to statistics published by Hootsuite in 2021, 98% of US internet users aged between 18-24 use YouTube every month—showcasing the platform’s vast potential as a marketing platform.

Ready to take your editing skills to the next level? It’s time to scale up and leave all those basic tutorials behind.

Scaling Your YouTube Editing Business

As your YouTube editing business grows, you’ll need to focus on expanding your team and resources to maintain quality deliverables. Scale your YouTube video editing services by implementing streamlined processes and utilizing innovative tools. Consider investing in state-of-the-art editing software and high-tech equipment for seamless execution. To manage client demands, recruit a dedicated team of skilled editors and ensure that projects are efficiently distributed among them.

A crucial aspect of scaling up is networking with potential clients or collaborating with existing ones on multiple projects. Continuously prioritize customer satisfaction by providing reliable support and attention to their needs. Measure the success of your business through periodic data analysis to better understand progress, successes, and areas for improvement.

As you grow, implement essential aspects of scale-up, such as automating repetitive tasks, incorporating feedback systems that generate leads while inspiring loyalty in your base customers by investing your valuable time into nurturing strong relationships with them.

According to a study conducted by Hubspot online platform “51% of Youtube users worldwide speak two languages or More” therefore it is more feasible to integrate adding multilingual annotations containing text and translations in different languages so as to enhance reachability.

Full-time editing means a steady paycheck but also a steady routine, while freelancing offers freedom but also the fear of never knowing when your next meal will come from – welcome to the editing Hunger Games.

Comparing Full-Time and Freelance YouTube Editing

To compare full-time and freelance YouTube editing, explore the pros and cons of both. For a balanced work-life with flexibility, freelancing can be a solution. But, job security and benefits are more likely with full-time editing. Discover the benefits of each to decide which approach aligns with your goals and needs.

Pros and Cons of Full-Time vs Freelance Editing

Editing for YouTube videos can be carried out full-time or on a freelance basis, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of these two paths:

  • Full-Time Editing:
    • +Job Security
    • +Benefits
    • +Steady Income
    • -Limited Creativity/Less Control over Projects
    • -Less Flexibility/Longer Hours
    • -Potentially Less Income compared to Freelance Editing
  • Freelance Editing:
    • +Greater Creative Control over Projects
    • +Flexible Schedule/Shorter Working hours/Increased Freedom in Choosing Jobs
    • +Higher Potential Earnings
    • -Lack of Job Security/Less Predictable Income
    • -Time Management Challenges/No Benefits Compared to Full-Time Employment

In addition, freelance editing allows editors to have a diverse range of clients and work on different projects for exposure and growth opportunities. It also provides an opportunity to connect with other creators in the industry easily.

Pro Tip: No matter which path you decide on, always prioritize communication and transparency with clients as it leads to better business relationships.

Freelance YouTube editing gives you the flexibility to work in your pajamas and avoid peak-hour traffic, just make sure you remember to actually change out of your pajamas.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

For those who are looking for a better work-life balance, the choice between full-time and freelance YouTube editing could prove to be crucial. With both options may come some form of flexibility, which can enable you to design your daily workflow around other daily life responsibilities like family duties. Perhaps more significantly, working as a freelancer might allow you to take more control of your schedule and work on projects that align with your values.

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In handling full-time jobs related to video editing, it’s common for many editors to abide by strict schedules dictated by their employers. Ideally, they may find projects they love or companies that offer flexible scheduling but still lack control over significant aspects of their work lives. However, if you’re working as a freelancer, you stand a better chance of pacing your workload with personal life pursuits without constraints such as shift work.

The need for taking time off can easily crop up in anyone’s life; however, it may pose challenges if someone is employed full-time as video editor. It means that they may have to seek approval or risk losing income and security altogether. On the flip side, freelance editors can still continue with business operations by cutting down assignments or refusing new ones based on their priorities. They could also opt-out at any time when necessary without worry about contracts.

According to Wyzowl survey 2021, the value businesses see in using videos continues to grow year after year- regardless of whether we look at how consumers interact while shopping online (68% prefer watching) or proof that businesses are seeing ROI from video marketing (89%).

Who needs job security and benefits when you live life on the edge as a freelance YouTube editor?

Job Security and Benefits

For the aspect of having a stable income and additional benefits, freelance and full-time YouTubers differ significantly.

  • Freelance YouTuber Editors enjoy more flexibility in setting their rates and taking on projects that suit them best.
  • Full-Time YouTuber Editors have access to paid sick leaves and benefits such as medical insurance.
  • Freelancers lack job security, while full-timers have assurance for ongoing work.
  • As a freelancer, one can set up their own retirement plans instead of relying on a company pension scheme.

Proper communication between employers and staff is essential since most full-time YouTube.

Deciding between full-time and freelance YouTube editing is like choosing between a stable relationship and a wild fling with lots of freedom.

Conclusion: Is Full-Time or Freelance YouTube Editing Right for You

When it comes to choosing between full-time and freelance YouTube editing, the decision ultimately rests on your personal preferences and career goals. Both options have their upsides and downsides, with a full-time position providing job security and benefits while freelance work offers greater flexibility and potentially higher earnings.

For those seeking greater creative control and independence, freelance editing may be more suitable. However, keep in mind that this type of work requires self-discipline and networking skills to maintain a steady stream of clients.

On the other hand, full-time editing positions may offer stability and the chance to work with a team but can sometimes feel restrictive in terms of creative control.

It’s important to consider your own strengths, weaknesses, and long-term ambitions before making a decision. If you excel at time management and enjoy working independently, freelancing may work best. For those who value job security or wish to specialize in a specific area (such as color correction or audio mixing), pursuing a full-time position could be more beneficial.

Ultimately, the choice between freelance or full-time YouTube editing depends on what works best for you as an individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in earnings between a freelance and full-time YouTube video editor?

It depends on a number of factors such as the client base, experience, the scale of the project and the total hours worked. However, generally speaking, full-time YouTube video editors tend to earn more than their freelance counterparts due to the stability of their employment and benefits.

How much do freelance YouTube video editors typically get paid per project?

Freelance video editors may charge an hourly rate ranging from $25 to $100 depending on their experience and skills. However, some freelance video editors charge a flat rate for a specific project or work on a retainer basis.

What does a full-time YouTube video editor make per year?

The salary of a full-time YouTube video editor varies widely depending on their experience, location and the size of the company they work for. Entry-level video editors typically earn an average of $35,000, while experienced editors can make over $100,000 per year.

Do YouTube video editors get benefits with their full-time job?

Yes, most full-time video editors receive benefits such as health insurance, 401(k) plans, paid vacation, sick days, and other perks depending on their position and company policy.

Do YouTube video editors have to pay for their own software and equipment?

Freelance video editors are responsible for purchasing their own software and equipment. However, full-time video editors are usually provided with the necessary tools and equipment by their employer.

What are some tips for freelance YouTube video editors to increase their earning potential?

Freelance video editors can increase their earning potential by building a portfolio of high-quality work, networking with other professionals in the industry, setting a competitive rate, seeking out recurring clients, and staying up to date with the latest trends and software in their field.

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