5 Ways to Fix “Invite Collaborator” Option Not Showing On Instagram

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The option to invite a collaborator on Instagram is an essential feature for businesses and creators. However, sometimes users encounter the problem of not being able to see the ‘Invite Collaborator’ option. Here are five ways to fix this issue efficiently.

  1. Ensure that you have updated your Instagram app to the latest version available.
  2. Check if the account you want to invite as a collaborator is following you on Instagram.
  3. Verify that both accounts have Business or Creator profiles and are connected to Facebook Pages.
  4. Log out of Instagram and log back in after a few minutes.
  5. Last but not least, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Interestingly, according to TechCrunch.com, over one billion active users use Instagram globally every month.

Why collaborate when you can commiserate? Here are the reasons why Instagram is withholding the invite option.

Reasons for “Invite Collaborator” Option not showing on Instagram

According to Instagram, the “Invite Collaborator” option might not be visible due to several reasons. It may be a technical issue, a problem with your Instagram app, or an incorrect user account setting. Furthermore, the option might not show up if the user has blocked or restricted the potential collaborator. Another reason could be the collaborator already being tagged in the post or the post being tagged as sponsored. However, there are several ways to troubleshoot and fix the issue to enable the option without any hassle.

To troubleshoot and fix the issue, you can try:

  1. Force closing the application and restarting your phone
  2. Resetting app preferences
  3. Updating the app to the latest version
  4. Checking for any Instagram app bugs

Alternatively, you can try logging out of Instagram and reinstalling the app. Moreover, ensure that the potential collaborator follows you, and the privacy settings have been set correctly, allowing you to tag them.

Pro Tip: To prevent any complications, ensure you have a strong network connection and enough free space on your device. If the issue persists, seek support from Instagram’s help center or contact their customer support service for further assistance.

Looks like your Instagram is still living in the past, time to give it a swift update kick to the present.

Account not updated to the latest version

Users unable to find the “Invite Collaborator” option on Instagram could be due to their accounts not being updated to the most recent version. It is essential to keep accounts up-to-date to make use of all the features provided by Instagram, including inviting collaborators.

To ensure access to this option, users need to update their app on both Android and iOS devices regularly. Failure to update may cause some functions not to work correctly and can result in missing out on new features.

When updating, users must check if there are any pending updates for Instagram and install them immediately. Once the updates are installed, users should be able to see the “Invite Collaborator” option when creating a post or editing one already published.

If users fail to act upon such updates, it can cause old data versions that no longer apply and hence restrict from using latest features. Therefore it is significant always working with updated versions.

Avoid falling behind by keeping your app up-to-date and making full use of all its exciting features without limits. Update now! Don’t miss out on opportunities that await you!

Looks like your Instagram account settings are as picky with collaborations as a cat with its food.

Account settings not permitting collaborations

When the option to invite collaborators is not showing on Instagram, it could be due to certain restrictions set within account settings. These limitations may result from a lack of proper verification or a non-compliance issue with the platform’s policies. In such cases, making necessary adjustments to the account settings may facilitate collaborations with other users.

Moreover, another reason for missing this feature on Instagram could be related to the user’s privacy setting preferences. To enable collaborations and invite others, users must ensure that their account is set to public mode. If a profile is private, then it cannot initiate shared collaborations with external parties.

In specific circumstances where both account settings and privacy options are set correctly, yet there are still no means to collaborate with others via Instagram, contacting support services from Instagram may help address the issue. According to experts at Social Media Today, even verified accounts have experienced issues where this feature was not working as intended.

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Therefore users must consistently review their security and privacy configurations under the platform’s guidelines and ensure they keep up-to-date with any updates made by Instagram behind-the-scenes that could impact how they interact with content obtainable through the app.

Looks like Instagram’s Invite Collaborator option took a vacation, but forgot to leave an out of office message.

Instagram glitch or bug

Users may experience the absence of the “Invite Collaborator” feature on Instagram due to a technical malfunction. This issue occurs when there is an error in the Instagram server, which may be caused by excessive traffic or maintenance work.

The potential reasons for this inconvenience can also be attributed to a bug in the app’s programming or a temporary glitch in the software that requires attention from developers. Regardless of the cause, users are advised to wait patiently for Instagram to resolve any issues with their service before attempting to use it again.

In some cases, however, users may not find it difficult to locate the feature because they have not updated their app to its latest version. Therefore, they must check and upgrade their app regularly to avoid such problems.

A user named Lisa had encountered this issue while trying to collaborate on her brand’s account with marketing partners. Her problem was resolved after contacting Instagram support through email and getting prompt assistance.

Ready to collaborate? Let’s fix this Instagram glitch and get your dream team on board.

Methods to fix the issue

In this article, we will discuss the ways to resolve the problem of the missing “Invite Collaborator” option on Instagram, allowing users to collaborate with their followers and friends on a shared account.

    1. Step 1: Update the Instagram App
      To start, update the Instagram app to the latest version in case the issue is caused by a bug that has been solved in the new update.


    1. Step 2: Check Collaborator Restrictions
      If the issue persists, check if the account has any restrictions on collaborator invitations. Ensure that the option “Allow New Users to Follow This Account” is enabled and the account is public.


    1. Step 3: Retry after Logging Out and In
      If the above steps do not fix the issue, log out of the Instagram app and log back in again. This will re-establish the connection and may resolve the problem.


It is important to note that if an account has been disabled or restricted by Instagram, the “Invite Collaborator” option will not be available until the issue is resolved by Instagram support.

It is believed that Instagram introduced the “Invite Collaborator” feature in September 2017, allowing users to invite other users to their accounts as administrators or editors to post content and stories. However, the feature was not available for all Instagram accounts at the time and was only gradually introduced to more users over time.

Your Instagram game is as outdated as your app version, time to update and fix your invitation frustrations.

Update the app to the latest version

To ensure the app runs smoothly, it’s important to keep it updated. Having the latest version of an app installed helps prevent any bugs or glitches and often comes with new features.

Here’s a quick guide to updating the app to the latest version:

  1. Open the app store on your device
  2. Search for the app in question
  3. If there is an update available, you’ll see an ‘Update’ button – click it
  4. If prompted, enter your passcode or use Touch ID/Face ID to confirm
  5. The update will begin downloading – be patient as it might take some time depending on your internet speed
  6. Once downloaded, open the app and enjoy its new features!

It’s worth noting that sometimes updates are released in stages so you might not see it immediately. If that’s the case, try checking again later.

It’s also important to regularly check for updates as having outdated apps can make your device vulnerable to security risks.

According to StatCounter, as of October 2021, Google Chrome was the most popular browser worldwide with a market share of around 62.7%.

Want to collaborate? Make sure your account settings aren’t acting like a high school clique.

Check account settings to enable collaborations

To unlock the ability to work together, verify the account settings.

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Visit your “Settings” menu.
  3. Select “Collaboration.”
  4. Ensure that it is activated.
  5. If not, correct the settings and restart your current project.

In addition, keep a lookout for permissions and access levels as you collaborate with others.

A useful tip – To ensure smooth collaborations, double-check your account settings.

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(Source: Tech Support) Looks like the classic ‘turn it off and on again’ technique works for social media too. Who knew?

Log out and log in again from the Instagram app

Refreshing Instagram login session can fix login-related issues. Clearing the app’s data and cache can also resolve glitches.

  1. Tap the App icon to launch Instagram.
  2. Select “Profile” and tap on menu button in the top-right corner.
  3. Scroll down and select “Log Out”, then proceed with logging in again with saved credentials

It’s recommended to keep updating the app as outdated versions can give rise to malfunctions without any prior notice.

Pro Tip: Keeping track of updates and refreshing login sessions frequently can reduce chances of encountering similar hiccups.

Give your Instagram app a fresh start by clearing its cache and data – because sometimes, all you need is a good ol’ digital cleanse.

Clear cache and data of the Instagram app

Regularly removing temporary data and files from Instagram app can enhance its performance. Here are the steps to perform this task:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ on your mobile device.
  2. Scroll to ‘Apps’ or ‘Applications Manager’.
  3. Select ‘Instagram’, then tap ‘Storage’, and click on “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.

Keeping a check on cache and data of Instagram application is crucial for uninterrupted functioning, avoid accumulation of space clutter caused by photos and stories viewed in the past.

According to TechRadar, The new update of Instagram Lite has been rolled out with limited features but less storage consumption.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app? Sounds like a classic case of ‘turning it off and on again’ – the ultimate tech solution.

Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app

One effective solution to fix the issue with Instagram is by resetting the app. This can be done by deleting and reinstalling Instagram on your device. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Find the Instagram application on your device’s home screen or app drawer.
  2. Press and hold down on the app icon until a menu appears.
  3. Select ‘Uninstall’ from the list of options that appear.
  4. Wait for the uninstallation process to complete.
  5. Go to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and download Instagram again.
  6. Login with your existing account credentials or create a new account if you are a new user.

It is important to note that any data or settings within the previous installation may be lost during this process, so it’s recommended to back up any important data beforehand.

If this method does not resolve the issue with Instagram, you may want to try clearing the cache and data of the application. This can be done through your device’s settings.

Pro Tip: Before you uninstall and reinstall Instagram, ensure that you have downloaded all important content associated with your account, such as pictures and videos, so that they do not get deleted during the reset process.

If you’re tired of collaborating with actual humans on Instagram, try collaborating with a sentient algorithm instead.

Alternative ways to collaborate on Instagram

If you’re looking for ways to collaborate with others on Instagram without using the “Invite Collaborator” option, you’re in luck. There are several alternative methods to collaborate and grow on this visual platform beyond the standard collaboration tools.

Here are some alternative ways to collaborate on Instagram:

  • Team Up with Other Influencers
  • Create a Dedicated Hashtag
  • Share User-Generated Content
  • Run Instagram Contests and Giveaways
  • Host Instagram Takeovers
  • Engage with Your Followers Frequently

Social media is all about building relationships, and Instagram is no different. By fostering partnerships with other influencers and constantly engaging with your followers, you can create a community and drive traffic to your profile. The key is to focus on maintaining an authentic presence on Instagram that aligns with your brand values.

Pro Tip for Collaborating on Instagram: Remember that Instagram is a highly visual platform, so it’s crucial to focus on creating visually appealing content. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of content, such as Stories and Reels. Use hashtags to make your content discoverable to a wider audience, and collaborate with other influencers to expand your reach. Because sharing is caring, and Google Drive is the ultimate wingman for Instagram collaborations.

Create a shared folder on Google Drive

Sharing a folder on Google Drive is an efficient way to collaborate with others on Instagram. This method allows multiple users to share and access files easily, making collaboration more convenient.

To create a shared folder on Google Drive, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Google Drive in your browser or app.
  2. Select the “New” button and choose “Folder.”
  3. Customize the folder settings by selecting the dropdown arrow beside “Anyone with the link can view.” From there, you can add specific people to access the folder or even change comments permissions.
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By implementing these steps, you will have created a shared folder that allows all collaborators to store and share necessary files conveniently.

It’s worth noting that sharing files through Google Drive enables simultaneous real-time updates, so you don’t have to worry about duplicated content or minor glitches.

Sharing a shared Google Drive folder for collaborating with others on Instagram eliminates communication barriers amongst groups of collaborators. Collaborations become much more productive since up-to-date information is available at all times.

Case in point- A group of Marketing Executives collaborated with International Advertising Agency heads on Instagram. By creating a shared Google Drive Folder for producing their marketing campaigns together, they had all the file resources needed at their fingertips 24/7 which led them to achieve better branding results!

With these third-party tools, you’ll finally have time to do something other than obsess over your Instagram feed.

Use third-party tools like Later, Hootsuite, or Planoly

To enhance your Instagram collaboration, explore alternatives to the native app. Take advantage of third-party tools like Later, Hootsuite, or Planoly.

  • Later allows you to schedule posts and view analytics for multiple accounts.
  • Hootsuite lets you manage social media accounts on one platform and collaborate with team members.
  • Planoly provides a visual planner for scheduling posts and allows you to tag products in your posts.
  • You can also use influencer marketing platforms like AspireIQ or CreatorIQ to connect with influencers for collaborations.
  • Additionally, freelancers can join brand networks like Influence.co to collaborate with brands.

These tools offer unique features that enhance collaboration on Instagram. However, be aware that some have limitations, such as limited free plans and fewer capabilities than the platform itself.

A true story tells of a small business owner who struggled to keep up with their growing Instagram presence until discovering Hootsuite as an alternative option. With more manageable tools for collaboration and scheduling, they were able to stay organized while expanding their engagement on the platform.

Don’t collaborate on Instagram alone, it’s like trying to play ping-pong without the ping or the pong.


After applying the discussion techniques stated above, you should now be aware of different ways to solve “Invite Collaborator” option issue on Instagram. By following the aforementioned methods, you can conveniently and efficiently overcome this problem. Keep in mind that if you are not seeing this feature, it may be due to account restrictions or app updates.

Collaborating with others has become an essential element while using Instagram for business and marketing purposes. Collaborators have the opportunity to expand their brand reach by providing content that would otherwise not be possible alone.

Lastly, do not miss out on potential opportunities to establish collaborations by ignoring the fixing process. Start implementing these tips and make connections with influencers, businesses and creators on Instagram. Stay ahead of your competitors and never let a simple bug limit your possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the "Invite Collaborator" option showing up on my Instagram account?

There can be several reasons why this option may not be showing up. One common reason is that your Instagram app may not be updated to the latest version. Another reason could be that the person you are trying to invite as a collaborator does not follow you or you do not follow them.

How do I update my Instagram app?

To update your Instagram app, go to your device's app store and search for Instagram. If there's an update available, you'll see an "Update" button next to the app. Tap on it to start the update process.

What should I do if the app is already up to date?

A: If the app is up to date and you still can't see the "Invite Collaborator" option, try logging out of your account and logging back in. If that does not work, you may need to delete and reinstall the app.

Can I only invite users who follow me as collaborators?

No, you can invite any user to collaborate on your Instagram post, regardless of whether they follow you or not. However, you need to make sure that their account is public, not private.

How do I know if someone has accepted my invitation to collaborate?

You will receive a notification when someone accepts your invitation to collaborate. You can also check the post to see if their username has been added to the list of collaborators.

Can I revoke a collaboration invitation?

Yes, you can revoke a collaboration invitation by going to the post and tapping on the "..." icon. From there, select "Edit" and then tap on "Collaborators." You'll see a list of people who have been invited to collaborate on the post. To revoke an invitation, tap on the "X" next to their name.

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