How to Delete a Story on TikTok in 5 Easy Steps: Step-by-Step Guide

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Deleting a video on TikTok may seem confusing, but it’s quite easy. By following these five simple steps, you can easily delete a story on TikTok.

  1. To begin with, open the TikTok app and click on your profile page.
  2. From there, select the story that you want to delete.
  3. Next, click on the three dots located at the bottom of the screen and then tap “Delete” button.
  4. Ensure that you confirm your deletion by clicking “Delete” again when prompted, and voila! Your story has been deleted successfully.
  5. It should be noted that once you delete a story, it’s gone forever and cannot be recovered. Therefore, be sure to double-check before deleting anything significant.

In case you face any issues while deleting your TikTok Story or have any other concerns about using the app, feel free to visit their official support pages for detailed guidance.

A few weeks ago, my friend accidentally uploaded an embarrassing video on his TikTok profile and needed assistance deleting it immediately. Fortunately, we followed these same steps mentioned above to help resolve the issue.

Five easy steps to obliterate a regretful TikTok – no time-travel machine required.

Steps to Delete a Story on TikTok

To delete a story on TikTok with ease, follow the steps in this solution-oriented guide. With [sub-section 1], you can launch the app on your device; [sub-section 2] navigate to your profile, then [sub-section 3] access your story viewer to find the story you wish to delete. With [sub-section 4], you can delete the story, and [sub-section 5] get a confirmation of its deletion.

Step 1: Open TikTok App

To delete a story on TikTok, you must first access the app.

To open TikTok App:

  1. Unlock your device and go to your home screen
  2. Locate the TikTok app icon
  3. Tap on the app icon to open it

After opening the app, navigate to your profile page by tapping on your profile picture located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Next, locate and tap on the story that you want to delete. The story will play automatically when clicked.

Select the ‘three-dot’ menu icon located at the right-hand corner of your screen. This button allows you to access further options for your story.

From this menu list, select ‘Delete’ to remove your story from the app permanently. This action cannot be undone.

It is important to note that after deletion of a story, it will not be visible for other users and yourself as well.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding deleting stories on Tiktok, refer to their support pages for further information and guidance. Don’t miss out on optimizing your account settings for maximum user experience.

Time to stalk yourself on TikTok, but for the noble cause of deleting that cringey video.

Step 2: Go to Your Profile

To access your profile and delete a story on TikTok, you need to follow the second step. It involves finding your personal account on the app.

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Tap the “Me” icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose the story that needs deleting by scrolling through your account feed
  4. Select and click on three dots located near your video title or caption to delete it.
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It’s important to note that once you delete a story, it cannot be retrieved. Therefore, make sure to double-check before proceeding.

If you accidentally uploaded the wrong video or want to remove an outdated one – you can easily edit or substitute stories.

According to TechJunkie, “TikTok is growing so fast that it’s beginning to eclipse Instagram.”

Get ready to face any leftover embarrassment as you access your story on TikTok, because deleting it will be worth the cringe-worthy flashback.

Step 3: Access Your Story

To access your TikTok story, you need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Open the TikTok app and go to your profile by clicking on the “Me” icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. From there, select the “Story” tab appearing next to “Grid” option.
  3. Scroll through your TikTok story until you locate the story that you would like to delete.

Note that once deleted, your story will no longer be available for your followers or anyone else who has access to view it.

To ensure that you maintain control over what content is displayed on your social media platform, it is imperative that you remove any unwanted stories from time to time. This will not only help protect your privacy but also ensure that all sensitive information remains safe from prying eyes.

To avoid missing out on essential details about deleting stories or other crucial updates, ensure that you stay up-to-date with relevant social media trends and news by following reliable sources regularly.

Say goodbye to that regretful TikTok story and hello to a cleaner digital footprint with this simple deletion step.

Step 4: Delete the Story

To remove a TikTok story from your profile, follow these steps:

  1. First, open the TikTok app and go to your profile page.
  2. Next, locate the story you want to delete and tap on it. This will take you to the full-screen view of your story.
  3. Then, click on the three dots located at the bottom right corner of the screen and select ‘Delete’ from the menu that appears.
  4. Confirm that you want to delete the story by tapping ‘Delete’ again in the pop-up message.

It’s important to note that once you delete a TikTok story, it will be removed from your profile, and anyone who viewed it will no longer be able to see it. However, if someone has already recorded or saved your story before you deleted it, they may still have access to it. Therefore, exercise caution when sharing content on social media.

To ensure that unwanted content is not posted in the first place, consider setting privacy settings for your account. This way, only approved viewers can see what you post and have access to your stories.

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By following these steps and taking precautions with privacy settings, deleting a TikTok story can be a straightforward process without any complications down the road. Confirming the deletion is like saying goodbye to an ex – it hurts, but it’s necessary.

Step 5: Confirmation

Step 5: Verification is a crucial step to ensure that you indeed want to delete the story permanently. Once you have confirmed this action, there is no way to retrieve it back. Take careful consideration before proceeding.

  1. Tap ‘Delete’.
  2. A confirmation message will appear on your screen.
  3. If you have made up your mind, click on ‘Delete.’
  4. If you don’t want to go ahead with deleting the story, click ‘Cancel.’
  5. The story will be removed from your profile and the app.

It is essential to remember that confirmation is the final step in removing any TikTok story permanently. Be sure of the action before tapping delete.

Pro tip: Take caution when confirming the deletion of a TikTok story as it cannot be retrieved at a later time.

Don’t forget to say goodbye to your cringe-worthy memories before hitting delete.

Additional Tips for Deleting Stories on TikTok

To ensure that you have successfully deleted your story on TikTok with the Step-by-Step guide, here are some additional tips. Check for successfully deleted stories to avoid any future issues. For further assistance, we will discuss how to troubleshoot common deletion issues.

Check for Successfully Deleted Stories

After deleting stories on TikTok, it is essential to check if the deletion was successful. This ensures that there is no trace of your content on the platform and protects your privacy.

To Check for Successfully Deleted Stories:

  1. Open TikTok App and go to your profile
  2. Select “Story Highlights” located below your bio
  3. Ensure that none of the deleted stories are visible in any of the highlights
  4. Click on each highlight icon to confirm if deleted stories are still present
  5. If everything looks okay, then your stories have been successfully deleted

It is worth noting that even after deleting a story, it takes up to 24 hours before it disappears completely from the app’s servers. Therefore, be patient before checking for confirmation.

Deleting unwanted or old stories can help declutter your account, improve engagement with current content, and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

While checking for successful story deletion assures that your content has been taken down, note that any re-uploaded or downloaded content might still be accessible online without consent.

It is reported that in some cases, deleted Tiktok videos may reappear due to server errors or glitches. Always keep an eye on such issues and report them immediately for correction.

Deleting stories on TikTok is like playing a game of whack-a-mole, just when you think you’ve got it, another common deletion issue pops up.

Troubleshooting Common Deletion Issues

For those facing issues while deleting TikTok stories, there are a few things to keep in mind. In order to get rid of any common deletion issues, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Check your internet connection and ensure that it is stable.
  2. Log out and log back into your account to refresh the system.
  3. Make sure that you have the latest version of TikTok installed on your device.
  4. Clear the cache of the app by going into settings and selecting ‘Clear Cache’.
  5. If all else fails, contact TikTok’s customer service for assistance.
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It is also important to note that if your story was uploaded more than 24 hours ago, it cannot be deleted. In such cases, one can only choose to hide it from their profile or wait for it to disappear automatically after 48 hours.

In a reported case from 2020, a user experienced an issue while deleting their TikTok content due to a bug in the system. They were unable to delete certain videos despite trying multiple times and contacted customer service for help. After several attempts at troubleshooting, the issue was resolved by the support team with an update on their end.

If TikTok has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes deleting a story is the only way to prevent a disaster from going viral.


After following each step mentioned in the guide, it is clear that deleting a story on TikTok is a straightforward process. However, it should be noted that once a story is deleted, it cannot be recovered, and any engagement or views associated with that story will also be lost.

Before deciding to delete a story, users should ensure that they are certain about their decision. It may be wise to keep in mind the platform’s regulations regarding content deletion and consider exploring other options such as editing or archiving the content instead of removing it entirely.

In addition to deleting stories, TikTok offers various features such as filters, effects, and sounds that can enhance user content creation experience. Users can also explore the possibilities of collaboration between creators to invite co-contributors for better story creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I delete a TikTok story?

To delete a TikTok story, open the app, go to your profile page, and click on the story that you want to delete. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner and select the "Delete" option. Confirm the deletion by clicking "Delete" again.

2. Can I delete a TikTok story permanently?

Yes, you can delete a TikTok story permanently by following the steps mentioned above. Once you confirm the deletion, the story will be removed from your profile and cannot be recovered.

3. Can I delete multiple TikTok stories at once?

No, you can only delete one TikTok story at a time. You will need to repeat the steps for each story that you want to delete.

4. How long does it take for a deleted TikTok story to disappear?

Once you delete a TikTok story, it will disappear immediately from your profile and the feeds of your followers.

5. What happens if I accidentally delete a TikTok story?

If you accidentally delete a TikTok story, there is no way to recover it. You will need to create a new story if you want to share the content again.

6. Can I delete a TikTok story from someone else's profile?

No, you cannot delete a TikTok story from someone else's profile. You can only delete the stories that you have posted on your own profile.

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