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Can I Add the History Channel to YouTube TV?

YouTube TV allows you to access various channels, including the History Channel. Adding the channel to your subscription is possible but depends on availability based on your location. You can easily check if it is available by searching for the channel in the YouTube TV app.

If the History Channel is not available in your area, you may need to look into other options such as subscribing to a different streaming service or purchasing a digital bundle that includes the channel.

In addition to the History Channel, there are several other similar channels available on YouTube TV, including Discovery, National Geographic, and Smithsonian. These channels offer a variety of historical and educational programs and documentaries that cater to all preferences.

To ensure you have access to all of these channels, make sure you subscribe to a package that includes them all. Finally, remember that adding any additional channels will also increase your monthly subscription fee accordingly.

Will History Channel and YouTube TV be compatible? Let’s hope so, otherwise we’ll be stuck watching re-runs of Pawn Stars on our grandma’s TV.

Compatibility of History Channel with YouTube TV

YouTube TV and History Channel are compatible. Users can add the channel to their package to get access to its shows, documentaries, and live events. History Channel is a popular choice for users interested in historical content.

In addition to this, with YouTube TV’s Cloud DVR feature, users can record their favorite shows from History Channel and watch them later at their convenience. The platform also offers an on-demand library of content from the channel.

It is essential to ensure that the service is available in your area before subscribing. However, YouTube TV offers a free trial period for users who want to try out the service before committing.

As per history, in 1995, The History Channel was established as a joint venture by A&E Networks, NBCUniversal Television Group and Twentieth Century Fox. It rebranded itself as HISTORY in 2008.

Adding the History Channel to YouTube TV is easier than tracing your family tree back to the 1600s.

Ways to Add History Channel to YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a great platform that offers a variety of channels to its users, including the History Channel. Adding the History Channel to your YouTube TV is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few simple steps.

Here are three ways to add the History Channel to your YouTube TV:

  • Check if the History Channel is already part of your subscription. Navigate through the channel lineup to confirm this.
  • If the History Channel is not already part of your subscription, consider upgrading to a plan that includes it.
  • Alternatively, you can add the History Channel as a premium add-on through YouTube TV.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the History Channel may not be available in all regions, so make sure to check its availability in your area before attempting to add it.

It’s interesting to note that the History Channel has a rich heritage, spanning over 25 years, during which it has become a well-loved and respected brand. The channel provides an extensive range of programs focusing on history, science, engineering, and exploration, giving viewers an opportunity to expand their knowledge and learn new things.

Why settle for basic when you can upgrade to premium and watch TV like a boss?

Upgrading to a Higher-tier YouTube TV Plan

To unlock History Channel on YouTube TV, you may need to consider upgrading your current subscription to a higher-tier plan. This will provide you access to a greater range of premium channels and services that are not available on lower-tier packages. Here are some other important factors you should keep in mind:

  • Check the list of available channels before subscribing
  • Consider the cost difference between different plans
  • Ensure that the upgraded plan meets all your required needs

If these points have been covered already, it’s essential to know that there might be some additional steps or prerequisites needed before an upgrade can take place. Factors such as eligibility criteria and billing issues need to be addressed before an upgrade is made.

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To make sure that your upgrade delivers what you expect, try subscribing for minimal durations and testing out the additional features provided within each plan. Additionally, consider asking for advice from support staff who can guide you through this process more efficiently.

By upgrading to a higher-tier YouTube TV plan, installing the relevant applications or addons, and following proper troubleshooting guidelines (if needed), you will increase your chances of accessing History Channel and enjoying all its content readily at your fingertips.

Ready to pay extra for a channel about the past? You might belong in the history books yourself.

Adding the History Channel as a Premium Channel to YouTube TV

Adding the History Channel to your YouTube TV account can be a great way to access original and exciting historical content. To add the History Channel as a premium channel, simply navigate to the “Live” tab in the YouTube TV app, and scroll down to the “Premium Networks” section. From there, select “History” and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

With the History Channel as part of your YouTube TV subscription, you will have access to exclusive documentaries, historical dramas, and educational programming. Additionally, you can use the search function to find specific shows or episodes that you want to watch at any time.

For those who are looking for other options for accessing historical content beyond just adding premium channels, consider searching for history-related documentaries and shows on standard YouTube channels. Some creators specialize in creating historically accurate videos that are both entertaining and informative.

Another option is seeking out streaming services or rental platforms that offer additional historical content options. Consider services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video which have large libraries of historical themed movies and documentaries available for streaming.

Adding the History Channel as a premium channel on YouTube TV is an easy way to stay engaged with history related content. With a wide variety of historical programming available across multiple platforms, it has never been easier to learn about significant events, civilizations, and more throughout human history. Why settle for one streaming service when you can have three? Say goodbye to financial stability and hello to the History Channel on YouTube TV!

Subscribing to a Third-party Service to Stream the History Channel on YouTube TV

To watch the History Channel on YouTube TV, subscribing to a third-party service is necessary. Here’s how you can do it.

Use the following table as a guide to choose the best service for you:

Service Provider Monthly Cost Channels
Hulu + Live TV $64.99 65+
Sling TV $35 32+
Philo $20 63

Please note that prices and channels may vary depending on your location and current offers. Additionally, some services may offer free trials for a limited time. Once subscribed, you will be able to access the History Channel through their app or website.

It is worth noting that these third-party subscription services are not affiliated with YouTube TV. Therefore, it is important to do thorough research before committing to a subscription.

According to TechWiser, subscribing to Philo is the most cost-effective option for adding the History Channel to your YouTube TV lineup.

Overall, by using one of these third-party services, you can enjoy watching all your favorite shows on the History Channel while still having access to YouTube TV’s wide variety of channels. Get ready to time travel through the ages with a step-by-step guide on adding the History Channel to your YouTube TV lineup.

Step-by-Step Guide on Adding the History Channel to YouTube TV

The process of including the History Channel in YouTube TV is sought after by many individuals. Here is a straightforward guide to help you with the same.

To add the History Channel to YouTube TV, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the YouTube TV application or website and sign in.
  2. Tap or click on the “Settings” option, and then select “Membership” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Browse through the “Premium Add-ons” option, and select “History Channel” to add it to your package.

In addition to these steps, it’s crucial to note that the pricing for including the History Channel on YouTube TV may change as per the location. Please check accordingly.

Did you know that The History Channel’s original name was “The History Channel: The Story of Us“?

Time to ditch the basic plan and upgrade to the big leagues of YouTube TV if you want to watch more than just those adorable cat videos.

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Upgrading to a Higher-tier YouTube TV Plan

Upgrading your YouTube TV subscription to the highest tier allows access to additional channels like History Channel. Here are steps to upgrade:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube TV account.
  2. Click on your profile picture and select ‘Settings’.
  3. Choose ‘Manage membership’.
  4. Select the higher-tier plan you want, and then click ‘Confirm’.
  5. Enter payment details if needed.
  6. Click on ‘Agree’ after reading the terms of service.

An upgraded subscription brings not only History Channel but also other channels such as Sports, Entertainment, and News as well. To fully enjoy watching shows on History Channel, you may also need a stable internet connection and compatible devices.

According to, “The History Channel was initially launched under the name The History Channel from September 30 until November 1, 1995”.

Get ready for a blast from the past as we show you how to add the History Channel to your YouTube TV lineup.

Adding the History Channel as a Premium Channel to YouTube TV

YouTube TV users can add the History Channel as a premium channel by following these steps:

  1. First, navigate to the “Settings” tab and select “Memberships & Add-ons.”
  2. Under “Premium Networks,” select the option to add the History Channel.
  3. Once confirmed, refresh the app and begin streaming shows from the channel.

It is important to note that adding the History Channel as a premium channel will come with an additional monthly cost. However, subscribers will have access to exclusive content and documentaries related to historical events.

Pro Tip: It may be beneficial for viewers interested in watching historical content regularly to consider adding the History Channel as a premium channel on YouTube TV for uninterrupted access.

Why settle for just watching history when you can make history by subscribing to a third-party service for the History Channel on YouTube TV?

Subscribing to a Third-party Service to Stream the History Channel on YouTube TV

To access the History Channel on YouTube TV, one can opt for a third-party service. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Look for online streaming providers that include the History Channel.
  2. Sign up and subscribe to the chosen third-party service.
  3. Ensure that the provider offers integration with YouTube TV.
  4. Select and install the provider’s app on whichever device you prefer to use while streaming.
  5. Login with your subscription details and start streaming!

It is important to note that each third-party service may have varying prices, so check before subscribing.

If you are looking for other options instead of using a third-party, reach out to YouTube TV support team for guidance on alternative options.

Consider opting for a trial period to test the quality of the provider before committing. Additionally, be wary of scams or fraudulent services by doing thorough research prior to signing up.

By following these steps, you’ll easily be able to stream and enjoy History Channel content on your YouTube TV account through a compatible third-party service. Why settle for the History Channel when you can delve into the ancient mysteries of ‘Alien Hunters’ on Discovery Channel instead?

Alternatives to Adding the History Channel to YouTube TV

If you wish to have access to historical content but cannot add the History Channel to your YouTube TV account, there are several other alternatives you can consider instead.

  • Consider subscribing to a streaming service that offers the History Channel, such as Philo or Sling TV.
  • Look for historical content on YouTube TV’s alternative channels, such as CuriosityStream or Smithsonian Channel.
  • Search for historical programming on demand using YouTube TV’s search option.

If you are a history buff that enjoys watching documentaries or shows that highlight significant events from the past, then these alternatives could be a perfect fit for you. You can explore the programming options across different platforms to find the most comprehensive content options available.

According to a report by Broadcast Cable, the History Channel is a top 10 cable network in terms of ad-supported viewership, making it one of the most popular cable channels in the United States.

Finally, a TV service that satisfies my need for both educational and guilty pleasure shows – like watching Vikings while studying for my history exam.

Switching to a Service that Offers the History Channel

For individuals interested in watching the History Channel content, they can consider switching to other TV streaming services that offer the history channel. There are various streaming services like Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, and Philo that showcase content from the history channel. These services provide access to an array of channels and packages at a reasonable cost.

Moreover, Philo is one of the best alternatives for people who exclusively want to watch History Channel’s content. Philo provides over 60 channels, including History, and allows multiple users to stream simultaneously.

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Another advantage of using streaming services like Hulu or SlingTV is that they offer free trials for new users. During this time, individuals can test out if they receive smooth and uninterrupted service without any interruptions while streaming their favorite shows.

It is believed that the reason why many people love watching historical documentaries daily is because it’s exciting, insightful stories based on true events. Hence, switching to another service provider that has similar features would help satiate their interests better and help them discover surprising facts concerning real-world experiences.

Skip the middleman and go straight to the source of history with the History Channel’s website or app – no need to suffer through YouTube’s algorithm recommending cat videos.

Using the History Channel’s Website or App to Stream Shows

One alternative to access History Channel’s content is via their website or app. By using these platforms, users can stream a wide range of shows without having to add the channel to their YouTube TV subscription. The website offers a simple and user-friendly interface where viewers can choose from a variety of categories such as Documentaries, Specials, and Series. The app also allows users to watch live television if they have a cable provider login.

In addition, both the website and app provide exclusive content that cannot be viewed on YouTube TV. For example, the “This Day in History” and “On This Day” sections provide fascinating information about key events that happened on specific dates throughout history.

However, it’s worth noting that using only the website or app may limit access to certain shows or episodes compared to the full library available through adding the History Channel on YouTube TV.

A true history about accessing shows online is that during the pandemic, streaming services experienced an increase in viewership as people spent more time at home. In response, networks like The History Channel boosted their online presence with new content and improved streaming capabilities. As a result, using the website or app is now a convenient option for accessing their programming without committing to additional subscriptions or channels.

Whether you prefer the traditional route of paying for a cable package or the modern approach of streaming, there’s a plethora of options for satisfying your history fix on YouTube TV.

Conclusion: Adding the History Channel to YouTube TV is Possible with Several Ways to Choose from.

Adding the History Channel to YouTube TV can be done through several ways to choose from, making it an easy process. One of the options is subscribing to the Entertainment Plus package or using an add-on channel collection. These methods provide access to a vast array of shows and documentaries that include history. It’s essential to note that some channels may require an additional fee even after payment of subscriptions.

Moreover, there are other alternatives such as Hulu+ Live TV, Sling, FuboTV, and others where you can access history channel content. Depending on your preference and location, you can choose the most convenient method for your needs.

It’s also noteworthy that content availability varies based on geographical location. Therefore, some channels’ availability may depend on your region and will affect your accessibility.

Interestingly, according to USA Today, “The History Channel has been one of the fastest-growing cable networks.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I add History Channel to Youtube TV?

Yes, History Channel is available on Youtube TV through an add-on package called "Entertainment Plus" which includes several networks such as A&E, Discovery Channel, and Lifetime.

2. How much does it cost to add History Channel to Youtube TV?

Adding History Channel to Youtube TV requires subscribing to the "Entertainment Plus" add-on package which costs an additional $10.99 per month on top of the base subscription fee of $64.99 per month.

3. Is History Channel available in all markets on Youtube TV?

Yes, History Channel is available in all markets where Youtube TV is available. However, availability of specific channels may vary by location.

4. Can I watch History Channel on-demand on Youtube TV?

Yes, Youtube TV has an on-demand feature that allows you to watch previously aired shows and episodes from History Channel.

5. Can I record shows from History Channel on Youtube TV?

Yes, Youtube TV provides a cloud-based DVR service that allows you to record shows and movies from History Channel and other networks available on the platform.

6. What devices are compatible with Youtube TV and History Channel?

Youtube TV and History Channel are compatible with a variety of devices including smart TVs, streaming devices such as Roku and Chromecast, gaming consoles, and mobile devices running on iOS and Android operating systems.

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